Q&A with Bear2 Protection LLC
Alain Bertout of Bear2 Protection LLC provides Home & Commercial security alarm installation with monitoring for all type of application; Wireless, hardwire, pre-wired, exciting system, and takeovers. Submitted photo

Q: Where are you from and what did you do before opening your business?

A: I was born in France and lived in Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles while growing up. My family settled in Los Angeles. I worked for Avnet as an electrician and transferred to Phoenix to take a position in customer service. After 10 years with Avnet I went to work for ADT Security and then into the security business with a friend. I opened my own business three years ago.

Q: Why did you open your business in this community?

A: I live in Ahwatukee Foothills and saw a need for a security business that puts customer service first. I thought the community would welcome a local family-owned, customer responsive security company.

Q: How did you get the idea to open your business?

A: Security has become a passion for me and I wanted to use my customer service skills to develop the best security company in the business. I like the idea of owning my own business and servicing my community by keeping it safe. By owning my company I am able to manage my schedule, which allows me to spend quality time with my family.

Q: What type of merchandise/services do you sell?

A: I provide home and commercial security alarm installation with monitoring for all types of application; wireless, hardwire, pre-wired, exciting system and takeovers. In addition, I install surveillance cameras, cables for phone systems and computer networks, home theater surround sound and wall mounts for flat-screens televisions.

Q: What does your business have in store for the future?

A: During 2011 I will be expanding my business. I plan to hire sales staff and service technicians. This will allow me to assure excellent customer service and provide the latest technology for security monitoring.

Q: Anything else you want the community to know about you or your business?

A: The Ahwatukee Foothills community has responded well to my business. I would like to thank my current customers for their business and encourage anyone thinking about security to give my company a try. You won't be disappointed.

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