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When clothing designer Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” she could have been talking about Ashley Krupnik of Ahwatukee.

The 29-year-old mother of four runs a business that helps people decide what to say.

Her Metro Image Consulting is all about helping people build their self-confidence by guiding them through the fashion styles that best project who they are and want to be.

“Lots of people here starting businesses want their personal style to match their brand,” she explained. “I can help with that. Also, lots of clientele need styling services for events and such. I also get a lot of women who just want to step up their game and figure out what their personal style actually is so they can focus on that.”

“I love the people here and I am excited to serve them in this way, helping them transform into the most fabulous version of themselves, with the confidence and style to make a killer impression every time they walk into a room,” she said.

And if you think her services are just for women, guess again.

Her first customer was her husband of more than 11 years, Tim, who, she said, “will always be my favorite client.”

She accomplishes her mission by offering a range of services.

Her “Shop Your Closet” service involves visiting a client’s home and “styling outfits for them from things already in their closet.”

“It’s a great way to start if you’ve never worked with an image consultant before,” she explained. “We chat about their styling woes, needs and questions, and I show them how to style themselves based on their body type. Many people think they know how to dress for their body type but are often not quite hitting the mark. I educate them. I show them how to do it.”

After such a session, she makes notes and sends them to the client with personalized tips and a few custom colors that she thinks “will always be a ‘win’ for them.”

She offers a follow-up service that consists of a four-step process, conducted in one-hour meetings each week for a month, that involve talking with the client to identify a personal style, evaluating “inherent colors” based on their biological traits, evaluating their current wardrobe and then making a shopping list and taking them on a guided tour through stores to find the best outfits and accessories for them.

“I help them come up with an individualized color palette of all their best colors,” she said. “We also talk about color psychology, which is learning to wear certain colors to portray yourself in a certain way, or to have a certain effect on the viewer. It’s really fascinating how our brains process colors.”

As for the tour through stores, she said, “It’s basically teaching them how to shop for their style, the clothing with the best cut and color for them. Then following that, I am also always available to my clients via text message if they ever have questions while their styling themselves or out shopping.”

A graduate of Horizon Honors Secondary School in Ahwatukee, Krupnik is an artist and certified color consultant who had tried to get into animation work.

Unable to find that kind of work in Arizona and not willing to relocate to California, she began the image consultant business partly because “I have been styling friends and family just for fun for years.”

“It is the perfect business for me, and everyone I’ve worked with thus far has confirmed that,” she said.

Although there are a number of fashion consultants in the Valley, she is undaunted.

“I have a mantra: ‘I am innovative, competent and fearless.’ I look in the mirror and say this to myself daily, sometimes many times per day. I know it sounds cheesy, but hey, it works. In the past few months that I’ve been saying this to myself, I watched my business explode in more ways than I could have imagined.”

Next week she is starting a new service with a free fashion show called “Sip and Style” at 7 p.m. May 11 at Blooming Beets restaurant at the east end of the fashionable Shoppes at Casa Paloma, on the southeast corner of Priest and Ray roads, Chandler.

Partly a celebration of the first-year anniversary of the Tukee Sisters in Business – a network of local businesses owned by women – the show will feature local clothing designers Mabella Chic, Northern Clover and True Reflections Boutique as well as Sadara’s Jewelry and Pandora’s Purse. It is sponsored by Golden Light Photography, another Ahwatukee business owned by local resident Amy Aranyosi.

“She and I have created new drinks for Blooming Beets that will be released and added to the menu at Blooming Beets the night of the show,” Krupnik said, “The great thing about my show is that we have something for all women. True Reflections clothing is mostly for teens-young adult, Mabella Chic is our “it mom” brand for women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. And Northern Clover is for the more mature ladies 45 and up.”

This new part of Krupnik’s business is aimed at spotlighting local high-quality clothing designers, giving attendees first dibs on new items before the general public and teaching women how to style the clothes to enhance their image.

“I am excited for the potential there,” Krupnik said. “Having talked to several designers about it, they are also really excited. I would love my name to be synonymous with ‘style’ in Ahwatukee”

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