Eat The Frog Fitness

Mike and Kat McMahon were inspired by an old Mark Twain adage for the name of their new Ahwatukee fitness studio.

A new gym and fitness concept has just opened in Ahwatukee and it might provide that needed push for procrastinators to get into shape.

Eat The Frog Fitness, located in the Target shopping center at Ray and 48th Street, has devised an approach to guarantee results in eight weeks. The 3000-square-foot space is designed to be an effective but also cozy boutique fitness studio to achieve your fitness goals, with discipline and encouragement thrown in the mix.

Owners Mike and Kat McMahon owned two community publications businesses in Scottsdale which they sold and then pondered this past year on what new business they could build to benefit the community. Fitness was not part of their professional background, but they experienced The Frog fitness techniques at another location and got amazing results with their own workouts.  

At the entrance, you will see a quote from Mark Twain on the wall which embodies the philosophy: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”  

The idea is to promote getting challenging things out of the way first and then get on with your day.

As Mike says, “It’s all about today” and “it’s all about quitting procrastination and just do that first step”.

Their team will help devise a fitness program suitable for each member and as one participant said, “hold me accountable.”  Mike said that encouragement from other members of each exercise group helps build motivation for each member. “It becomes addictive.” He achieved dramatic, positive changes in his own blood chemistry in about seven months.

The business is a franchise and the McMahons bought the rights for three locations. The franchiser, ETF Franchising, LLC, based in Issaquah, Washington, recommended Ahwatukee to them.   

Ahwatukee is a class A retail area, Mike said, adding that Ahwatukee offers the right target audience of people ages 35-50 wanting to get back into shape or improve their health. They have members ranging from young teens to elderly seniors.  

The concept was inspired by one of the founders, Bryan Clay, an Olympic Decathlon Gold & Silver medalist. It utilizes the combination of cutting-edge technology and your own body’s science to design your workout. Each class incorporates cardio, strength training, core flexibility and recovery, but will have a dominance in one of these areas.  

Classes always have a warm up and cool down period to reduce muscle soreness the next day.  

You will first get a pre-fitness assessment (fit test) to mark your strength, flexibility, core strength and best heart rate training zones. This is your “body science” part. You then receive an eight week personalized “prescription” workout plan, and you will be assessed again post training to measure your results.

The McMahons offered a two week preview to try the concept from Nov. 19 to Dec. 2 and had a high rate of membership sign-ups.  Their grand opening is Jan. 16. You can sign up now at any time for a free, no obligation, one-hour class to experience The Frog training concept yourself.

The McMahons will also be developing partnerships with local businesses and offer a social gathering every second Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The atmosphere is upbeat and personal.

Members enjoy access after-hours, 24/7 and can always observe proper exercise form prompted by automated screens to guide their workout. A green, avatar workout icon, dubbed “Mr. Perfect,” will show the recommended pattern and form throughout each class. Every participant’s real-time heartrate is also displayed on the screen to monitor.

Diane Reisinger, 52 of Ahwatukee, who works for the City of Mesa Safety Department, signed up during the two week preview. She said she already belongs to another local small gym, but likes the after-hours flexibility and screens which will virtually take you through your chosen workout. She stated her main goal is to stay healthy and “work out the stress.”

To try the Frog fitness concept and take advantage of a free one-hour session, call 480-306-7661.


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