The Robin’s Nest features a room housing Southwestern-inspired items

Owning a Northeast Mesa resale and consignment shop gives Robin Grimaldi a different surprise each day.

Consignors bring to A Robin’s Nest Resale and Consignment Shop the expected and the unexpected. The 6-year-old store is filled with DeGrazia Southwestern figurines, Lladro statues from Spain and Italian-based Anri pieces. She has a blue glass Shirley Temple teacup and saucer set, a pewter water pitcher and various framed pictures, too.

“I carry items from different religions, too,” Grimaldi said. “Those sell well. I just love working with antiques because I have things you don’t normally find.”

Grimaldi, a former human resources professional from Illinois, began her resale career out of her home. Her first proper store was on Signal Butte Road and Apache Trail. Three years ago, she moved to Northeast Mesa.

“I love it,” she said. “I have great consignors. I also have my own things that I get from auctions. It’s neat. I never know what’s coming in. I look for unique items. I don’t take anything that’s scratched, damaged or worn.

“Everything in here is something I would buy myself.”

She also obtains antiques and collectibles from estate sales or folks who want to downsize.

“Antiques are fascinating to me,” she said.

One customer brought a pie vent to her. A man who was hosting a garage sale asked Grimaldi for a price on his Budweiser clock. He was going to sell it for $20 at his home. She said it was worth $400 and she sold it for him at that price.

“People don’t know the value of things,” Grimaldi said. “They should have somebody look at it before throwing it out.”

Grimaldi does not accept fine china, as it doesn’t sell. Crystal, on the other hand, goes quickly.

“It’s a learning experience,” said Grimaldi, who is joined in the store by her son, Joshua, 24. “I’ve seen a lot of things, but some elderly people have things I’ve never seen before.

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