For five years Dr. Greg Hauser, chiropractor at Great Choice Chiropractic, has been bettering people's lives in the Ahwatukee Foothills area, with clients ranging from infants to the elderly.

Chiropractics deal with the spinal and nervous systems. Throughout time a person's spine can shift and bend, causing various problems later in life. A chiropractor's job is to correct these problems to allow for a healthier, happier life.

Even though Hauser is a chiropractor, he does not use the normal twist-and-crack method. Using a hand-held device called an "Activator" he is able to gently re-align spinal columns and extremities in a non-evasive way.

The Activator is a small device that looks like a screwdriver mixed with a bicycle tire air pump. With a small squeeze of the handle, it pops and applies gentle pressure to the desired area.

"People like it because it's gentle and you get the same effect," Hauser explained. "It takes the place of my hands."

The Activator is gentle enough that one woman brings her 4-year-old son in to see Hauser on a regular basis.

Leonore Burciaga's son was once an unfocused boy who some doctors would consider medicating. However, through a referral, Burciaga decided to try chiropractics as an alternative solution.

"It's been life changing," she said. "He's calm, he wasn't before. He was easily agitated, couldn't focus ... I've seen a lot of those issues diminish."

One of the main reasons Hauser said he obtained pediatric certification was because of the problems he sees in the elderly, these problems can be prevented if treated as early as childhood.

"People are living longer and they're seeing how their parents and their grandparents lived," Hauser said. "(They) lived beyond their life expectancy. If you know anyone over 50 years old, they lived past their expectancy."

Hauser recommends a book, titled The 100-Year Lifestyle, by Dr. Eric Plasker. It outlines the steps a person should take to living a quality life. The book allows the reader to customize their life plan and then guides them on how to achieve the plan.

Although Great Choice Chiropractic is moving, it won't be far. Ahwatukee Foothills residents will still be able to visit Hauser only five blocks from his current location starting March 1, when the office moves to 15810 S. 45th St. along Chandler Boulevard.

You can also find out more information on chiropractics at">


Dani Nosek is interning this semester for the AFN. She is a freshman at Arizona State University.

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