Re:Vitalize weight loss & wellness Center

Re:Vitalize weight loss & wellness Center founders Dr. Noel Abood, left, an Dan LeMoine of Ahwatukee recently were honored for their efforts to help people lead healthier lives.

An Ahwatukee weight-loss clinic has received an award for excellence in the fitness, beauty and wellness industries,

The re:vitalize weight loss & wellness Center, 15905 S. 46th St. received Mindbody’s Visionary Award for “helping people live healthier, happier lives.”

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Noel Abood and Ahwatukee resident Dan LeMoine, re:vitalize boasts of a program that helps people lose weight in a sustainable way without shots, drugs, prepackaged foods or surgery.

The clinic says on its website that it uses “the latest in bio-communication technology to take the guesswork out of weight loss” and that a biometric analysis provides its staff with “a roadmap” of what a client needs “to restore balance and refine and revitalize” the body.

“Our technology measures minute changes in the body’s biochemistry and is able to interpret the data to provide a robust report to identify key factors which may be affecting” weight problems, it also states.

The clinic says it then determines what nutrients, vitamins and minerals are needed to fix metabolism.

“The focus is on eating health-empowering, nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods to reduce inflammation and rekindle” metabolism,” the clinic states, adding:

“Our plant-based supplements use only the best phytonutrients to help rebalance your biochemistry and reawaken your body’s ability to lose weight naturally. your inability to lose weight.”

Mindbody is a California company, founded in 2001, that provides business management software to the wellness industry.

 “The Visionary Awards are our way of celebrating the business owners we serve, for both their hard work and for how they lead the charge of helping people live healthier, happier lives,” said Mindbody CEO Rick Stollmeyer.

He praised re:vitalize’s “cutting-edge technology and a highly personalized approach to remove the guesswork on what foods and nutrition a person needs to lose weight and reignite the metabolism.”

LeMoine said his company recently was asked to partner with the Phoenix Suns’ nutrition team.

 “Our doctor, board certified nutritionists and staff are passionate about helping people reach their goals and change their lives,” he said.


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