Ironman Refurbished Business Computers

From left: Andy Ip, Ken Chan and Linda Chan, of Ironman Refurbished Business Computers, ventures on national expansion with a new e-commerce initiative.


Ironman Refurbished Business Computers has provided refurbished and customized computers to individuals and businesses in the Valley for six years now.

Now, thanks to word of mouth and news coverage, seniors have reached out to the Chandler-based company for help with finding computers and learning how to use them.

“They would actually cut our articles out of the paper and give us a call,” said Linda Chan, who co-owns the company with her brother Ken. “Many seniors, when they call, don’t have any computer background.”

Ken and Linda started off by teaching computer classes to young kids. The duo will seek out the best computer to meet a senior’s needs and even give them a tutorial on how to use the programs and internet.

The duo does not currently teach classes for senior citizens to help them with their computer skills.

“We have been asked to teach classes for senior citizens like we do with children, and it’s definitely something to consider,” Linda said.

But for many seniors, they recommend a computer that can be used for basic internet browsing with a webcam to Skype family on.

Linda said she often suggests a computer with an extended keyboard and a wider screen for a clearer picture.

“A lot of times, people don’t know the difference between a consumer laptop and a business laptop, and we do,” Ken said. “That’s where we come in.”

IRBC also specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses, schools and individuals.

They focus on repurposing business-grade Dell and HP models. They then can customize computers to fit the customer’s needs, Ken said.

“We ask the clients a lot of questions to figure out what exactly they need their computer for,” Ken said.

Ken and Linda are very flexible when it comes to meeting with clients to figure out what they need for their computer, Ken said.

“We can either meet them at our storage warehouse or we can meet them wherever they want it to be,” Ken said. “It can be at a Starbucks, McDonalds, their house or wherever.”

Bill Sands, a 62-year-old retired electrical engineer from Ahwatukee, recently bought one laptop and one desktop from IRBC.

“I use mine to do the kinds of things that engineers do all day,” Sands said. “Geeky things.”

Sands said that Ken was very helpful with showing his wife how to use the laptop.

“He showed my wife all the things that made this laptop slightly different than those she had been previously exposed to,” Sands said.

Ken did not badger Sands or his wife to decide on a computer or to make a purchase, Sands said.

“Ken was not trying to play the role of high-pressure salesman,” Sands said.

Sands said that he plans to recommend IRBC to his friends when they are looking for a computer.

Now, the IRBC duo plans to expand their business nationwide, while also working to maintain their personal touch that they have as a smaller business, Ken said.

The prices for customized laptops and desktops start at $299 and include one-year limited warranties, lifetime technical support and free delivery or shipping on orders throughout the Phoenix metro area and nationwide.

IRBC also offers discounts on bulk orders of five or more computers.

Ken and Linda provide a different element because of their background as educators and their one-on-one interactions with their clients, Linda said.

“We always want to go the extra mile for our customers,” Linda said.

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