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For the Ahwatukee Foothills News I do page design, as well as write business stories, restaurant profiles and movie reviews. I also believe being thrifty can be a fine art. In my blog I find amazing deals at the Goodwill in Ahwatukee and compare the price to the same items you can buy online elsewhere, because I believe this economy shouldn't deprive us of treating ourselves to some nice stuff once and a while. And, let's face it; the people of Ahwatukee Foothills donate some really nice stuff.

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Who is the victim of a drive-thru scam? Posted 7/21/2009 4:27 PM MST How easy is it to get away with stealing something when you're already in your getaway car? According to the lady in the McDonald's drive-thru in front of me today, pretty easy. As I pulled up to the first window to pay, the young employee looked confused. "Wait, what did you get again?" "A No. 10," I answered. (Yes, I was ... Read More  »  

Family game night for $2

Posted 6/23/2009 1:33 PM MST

Today purple tags and tags marked "Week 22" are half price, and today I wanted to feature board games: All of the games stacked here are either half price or $2! Taboo: Week 22, no price * Chutes and Ladders: Week 25, $1.99 Monopoly: Week 25, $1.99 Scrabble: Week 25, $1.99 Battleship: Week 25, $1.99 Operation: Week 24, ... Read More  » 


 Goodwill helps fulfill one of my childhood dreams

Posted 6/17/2009 1:22 PM MST

Today blue tags and tags marked "Week 21" are half price, and I found a lot of stuff to get excited about: Any parent or gamer knows Wii accessories are relatively expensive. But that doesn't mean you have to carry your relatively expensive games in an expensive case. This one was still attached to its original packaging, ... Read More  »


Deeply discounted drum kits

Posted 5/19/2009 4:09 PM MST

Today pink tags and tags marked "Week 17" are half price at Goodwill in Ahwatukee. One of the first things I saw today, prominently stacked  like a five-foot tall wedding cake, was this: A five piece junior drum kit. At first when I saw the $89.99 price tag, I shied away from it, as it's definitely not in the price ... Read More  »


Summit School of Ahwatukee R.O.P.E.S 2009

Posted 4/30/2009 9:59 PM MST

I just came back from the second night of Summit School of Ahwatukee's R.O.P.E.S 2009 presentations and felt compelled to talk about the amazing students who spoke and what they've experienced this semester. R.O.P.E.S stands for Right of Passage Experiences. These eighth graders' assignments was to choose a ... Read More  »


Lucky "Week 13" tag = $1 vacuum. No joke.

Posted 4/23/2009 5:29 PM MST

I love Thursdays. There's so much to look forward to: The Office... 30 Rock... Friday...... but most importantly, dollar day at Goodwill. Today yellow tags and tags marked "Week 13" were $1. Check out what I found: A Sharp super charged twin energy 12 amp vacuum cleaner with a lucky No. 13 tag  makes this $219.95 ... Read More  »


From classy to retro, all are good deals

Posted 4/7/2009 5:15 PM MST

This Saturday is another half price day: All merchandise at Goodwill is half off. Whether your tastes run swanky or funky, you're sure to find something you can't live without. This electric wine opener is only $7.99 and marked with a "Week 14" tag, which means if it's still there by Saturday you can get it for $4! That's ... Read More  »


Exceptional customer service "On the Run"

Posted 4/3/2009 10:00 AM MST

If I could depart from my usual Goodwill finds for a minute, I want to talk about a different Ahwatukee treasure: Her name is Toni, and she brightens my day every time I walk in to the Mobil On the Run at 51st Street and Elliot Road. I go there almost daily, usually by foot as it's across the street from the newsroom, just ... Read More  »


A $1.50 cookie jar

Posted 3/31/2009 5:47 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

Today purple tags and tags marked "Week 10" are 50 percent off. Check out what I found: A stackable IKEA chair, a similar one which I found on IKEA's Web site for $14.99 each, you can get four of them at Goodwill for $20: Ta da! Goodwill price: $19.99 (set of four) Week number: 13 This adorable Winnie the Pooh cookie jar is ... Read More  »


Bargains in bags

Posted 3/24/2009 5:59 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

It occurred to me while scouring Goodwill today that I always overlook the items in plastic bags. They're hanging on the walls, in the corners of the store: behind the holiday decorations, along the kid's wall, or up against the wall near the comforters, there are a couple hundred deeply discounted goodie bags for the ... Read More  »


Prom on a budget: Two complete outfits under $20 each

Posted 3/6/2009 5:33 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

Sorry fellas, but this post is for the girls. Desert Vista's prom is April 25. Mountain Pointe's prom is May 2. You want your daughter to feel like the belle of the ball, but shelling out money for a new dress at Dillard's just isn't in the (credit) cards. Luckily, Goodwill has a cheaper option. I was able to find two ... Read More  »


A $3 personal triumph

Posted 3/4/2009 10:27 AM MST on Ahwatukee.com

I just needed to share my personal most triumphant Goodwill find to date: A Yamaha power cord for $3.My grandfather gave me my Yamaha keyboard when I was eight years old, so it has great sentimental value for me. On it, he taught me the piano basics, and I still have all the notes and worksheets he made for me in a ... Read More  »


Nine West shoes, 96 percent cheaper

Posted 3/3/2009 8:44 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

Well,  it's March, and with March comes unseasonably warm weather. Perfect for spending a day out on the golf course, super soaking neighbor kids and siblings, or simply showing off that new pedicure.And today tags marked "Week 6" and green tags are half price, freeing up room in your budget for said ... Read More  »


The best of both worlds: Getting a lot for a little

Posted 2/24/2009 1:45 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

Today all items with a tag marked "Week 5" and pink tags are 50 percent off, and no offense to all the other items, but I was looking forward to this sale the most. Look what I found for half price at Goodwill today: Displayed prominently on top of a ... Read More  »


$3 CDs of childhood past

Posted 2/17/2009 6:12 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

This Goodwill Hunting is doing wonders for my household decor. Since starting this blog, I got a cool lamp for my living room for $1.50, the fuzziest green robe in the world for $7 (which I wear constantly now), and a sleek, heavy tealight candlestick for my bathroom for $3. But it'd be wrong to keep all the good ... Read More  »


Valentine's Day dresses for $5

Posted 2/6/2009 6:27 PM MST on Ahwatukee.com

Let me preface this blog with a disclaimer: I in no way consider myself a fashion guru. I'll never be on Project Runway and I didn't get half the jokes in The Devil Wears Prada, but I think I know a nice Valentine's Day dress when I see one. Today Blue tags and "Week 3" tags are half off at Goodwill, and check out ... Read More  »


Great finds at Goodwill

Posted 2/4/2009 10:37 AM MST on Ahwatukee.com

The other day I found a rug at Goodwill for $10. A nice, big rug that really ties the room together. I even like it better than the ones I've been eyeing at Target and IKEA. True story. I know. Amazing.  =) So it got me thinking: With budgets tightening, what else can I find that would be much more expensive ... Read More  »

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