Brian Johnson, AFN managing editor

Brian Johnson has worked as a journalist in Arizona for 20 years. He and his wife Kimberly have three children and live in Chandler. His youngest son attends Horizon Community Learning Center in Ahwatukee Foothills. He has served as managing editor for AFN since 2006.

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Arrogance ... Incompetence ... Greed

Posted 3/18/2009 2:11 PM MST

That's how one lawmaker referred to AIG before testimony began Wednesday into Congressional scrutiny of the $165 million in bonuses scheduled to be paid out to 418 employees in AIG Financial Products. Nearly 300 of them are to receive more than $100,000 with the highest being $6.4 million and ... Read More  »

Fish tale

Posted 3/13/2009 8:38 AM MST on

Right before turning in Tuesday night, my wife alerted me to a pet tragedy that had occurred in our household. Floating wrong-side up in his 10-gallon tank was Saturn, my 8-year-old son's favorite yellow guppy. "He was fine just a minute ago," lamented my wife. My thoughts turned immediately to my ... Read More  »


A parent's dilemma

Posted 3/4/2009 2:17 PM MST on

So I'm taking my 8-year-old son to school early Wednesday and a story comes on KJZZ that church groups are aghast that children are selling their bodies on the streets of inner-city Phoenix. I glance in the rear-view mirror, hoping the little guy is catching a few last winks before another busy day at school. No such luck. ... Read More  »


He is a rock star

Posted 2/25/2009 5:14 PM MST on

President's trip to East Valley  Judging by the reaction the president received when he visited Arizona earlier this month, as well as when he addressed a joint session of Congress Feb. 24, President Obama's popularity - for now - far exceed anything anyone under 30 can certainly remember.Comparisons? ... Read More  »


'Grizz' comes home for NBA All-Star game

Posted 2/13/2009 4:23 PM MST on

I bet you didn't know that "Grizz," the mascot for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies, grew up in the East Valley. Typically, no one ever gets to know the real identify of the man behind the mask. It's sort of like Batman.  But in the case of the Grizzlies' fuzzy mascot, things changed a season ago when it was ... Read More  »


Yummy times help all

Posted 2/12/2009 7:37 PM MST on

What could be more fun than to sample some of the great food area restaurants have on their menus, and help out a good cause? That's the idea behind the Tasting Ahwatukee Business Expo that's set for Feb. 21 at Mountain View Lutheran Church. More than 1,600 residents took part last year, and organizers are hoping it ... Read More  »


Darwinfest @ ASU and more

Posted 2/6/2009 9:19 AM MST on

 In a fine attempt to bring Charles Darwin to life, ASU is holding "Darwin Days" at its Tempe campus in February and has kicked off its distinguished speakers list with Randy Olson and his comedic film on global warming. Comedy for such a topic as that? After watching "Sizzle" Thursday, Feb. 5, and listening to ... Read More  »


Kurt Warner needs another ring!

Posted 1/29/2009 11:12 AM MST on

Win or lose, it's great to have a person such as Kurt Warner leading the Cardinals into Sunday's Super Bowl. Not only does he continue to have amazing athletic skills, but his depth of character is something that every Arizonan should feel proud about. Here Kurt is shown practicing at the Cardinals' Tempe facility on Jan. ... Read More  »


Bi-partisan approach?

Posted 1/29/2009 9:11 AM MST on

It would seem that President Obama has his work cut out for him to take a bi-partisan approach if the recent vote on an economic stimulus bill is any indication. On Wednesday, the $819 billion measure passed in the House, but without a single Republican vote.  My point isn't that the GOP ... Read More  »






New paper format

Posted 2/25/2008 4:17 PM MST on

Blogs, Web pages, videos, slide shows... whew. Even for those who have worked in the newspaper business for a while, these are still relatively new concepts. Well, with the edition of the Feb. 27 Ahwatukee Foothills News, we'd like to introduce a new format that, hopefully, improves on the old while moving into the ... Read More  »

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