Woolaver Clearsmiles

Dr. Chris Woolaver

4425 E. Agave Road, Suite 126

(480) 240-9393


Chris Woolaver, long before he and his practice became a staple in Ahwatukee, sat in the chair with all of the dental tools and tension surrounding him in a cool, drab room.

It goes a long way in explaining why Dr. Chris Woolaver has worked so hard at making his office, approach and chair-side manner different.

“There is nothing I’ve put in my own head that I wouldn’t offer to my patients,” said Woolaver, who wore braces for 10 years after being born with a cleft lift and palate. “There is no question what I went through now influences the way we do things. I have empathy for everyone that sits in the chair.”

It has led to Woolaver Clearsmiles Orthodontics becoming an Ahwatukee favorite as it was named not only Best Orthodontist but also Best Customer Service regardless of the type of business.

Woolaver Clearsmiles is not your typical orthodontic office.

It is designed for children specifically, but they tend to feel just as comfortable as the teenagers and adults do when they walk through and grab a seat in the waiting room.

“I hope they all are really comfortable,” said the Nova Scotia native. “We want them to walk in here and for it be like somebody’s family room so they are relaxed. We want it to be that for all the different people. We have plenty of 3, 4, 5 year olds, but we don’t want purple balloons everywhere.”

It’s a wide open area with four examining chairs looking out towards the parking lot, a bar area in the middle equipped with flat-screen TVs along with refreshments for patients to enjoy before being examined. It has a sports-type feel to it, having the staff members walking around in jogging suits, rather than scrubs.

And once a client comes into the office they become family.

“It’s easy to say, but hard to do,” he said. “We treat our patients like they are our own family. You might be busy running around, dealing with some nonsense but once you get in front of the patient you let it go. I want to treat them just as if it was my own kid in that chair.”

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