It has been clear since opening the doors of Yoasis about three-and-half years ago that Ahwatukee fell in love with the creamy, lighter than air goodness.

Yoasis essentially cornered the market on frozen yogurt in the area so in order to expand the clientele base owners Sue and Brian McHugh focused on the sweet tooth of the four-legged variety.

The menu now includes two flavors — apple and cheddar and peanut butter and banana — with a special concoction just for dogs.

“We go to a yogurt convention every February and we always try and find something new and exciting,” Sue said. “I knew as big of a walking and dog community we live in it would work.

“I hear it is the talk of the dogs parks.”

It’s another sign of why Yoasis is the sweetheart of the Best Of Ahwatukee as it won four categories and finished third in a fifth.

It won the Best Place to Work, Best Dessert, Best Restaurant and Best Mom and Pop categories and finished third in the Best Customer Service.

Yoasis, which is staffed mostly by Desert Vista students, is more than just the favorite FroYo people love to flock to as the McHughs continued in their passion of giving back to the community through kid’s clubs, sports teams and other groups needing fundraising by giving back $56,000 to the area since opening its doors.

“It’s the least we can do considering all of the support the community has given us,” she said.

In addition to the yogurt Yoasis offers smoothies, root beer floats and slushies, but everyone knows what the true calling card is for the locally-owned establishment.

They offer 12 different flavors — five staples with the other seven rotating — and about 60 different toppings — cookie dough and sprinkles are the most popular — to entice creative minds to concoct some interesting combinations.

“People like to be able to pick and choose,” Sue said.

If it’s frozen yogurt in Ahwatukee — there is only one clear cut choice.

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