Best personal trainer

Ryan Goldman, The Body Firm

4405 E. Ray Road, Suite 5

(480) 705-9801

Ryan Goldman is working each day to take personal training to another level.

Currently, he's working on finishing his master's degree to become a counselor. He said that someday he hopes to combine the knowledge he's gained with his experience as a personal trainer.

"I try to incorporate as much of the mental aspect as I do the physical," Goldman said. "I like to incorporate coping skills and help get people motivated to work out more. I hope to bring the two together in my professional work and integrate them completely."

Goldman has been a personal trainer for five years at The Body Firm. He said part of his success is due to the gym he's training in.

"It's got a lot to do with the setting I'm at at the Body Firm, and the philosophy here, and our style of training," Goldman said. "We really dedicate a lot to form and technique. We're very detail oriented. It's also just a very warm, friendly environment."

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