Best place to get your car fixed

Purcell Tire retains its title as the area's best car care company.

AFN File

Purcell Tire Co.

3810 E. Ray Road

(480) 706-8600

It's pretty clear where Ahwatukee Foothills residents prefer to have their vehicles checked out, as Purcell Tire & Auto Service has won "Best Place To Get Your Car Fixed" for the 12th consecutive year.

Apparently, there is a strong trust between customer and company. Nothing is more important, especially in an industry where customers can grow very skeptical of pumped-up estimates.

"We have generations of families coming to us," Purcell manager Marc Strauss said. "Our customer's kids, and in some cases grandchildren, come to us. It's important to us, and winning this award is like a football team winning the Super Bowl. The next year you do everything you can to win it again."

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I don't know how this place keeps getting Best Place unless there are payoffs involved. They do acceptable work for things like brakes, but there diagnostic skills are non-existent, so if you go in without already knowing what is wrong with your vehicle, expect to pay for some guess and test services. Their services are also highly overpriced and straight from the book, no calculations for combined they have already removed the parts for another service you are having done at the same time. I keep giving them second chances and I always quickly remember why I stopped going here. If you know what needs to be done to your vehicle, and are wiling to overpay for it, they will probably do a good job for you. But diagnostics are straight from the book and usually wrong. I had a vehicle that my gut said needed new shocks/struts but they repeatedly said it was no the issue...I finally went with my gut and problem solved. I had another making loud squealing sounds andvibrating but it was not the the time I was not familiar with wheel bearing issues...I described it in detail and even told them to test drive it behind the Fry's where the sound would reflect off the building. The kid came back and said it was "just a squeaky hubcap". Really?? Nope..bad wheel bearings. Another I brought in for pre-purchase inspection. The seller had said he woud discount the price for anything needing replaced, and then slipped up while we were there and mentioned the rear tires were over 10-years old. The car had hardly been driven so the tread "looked" good; therefore, the tech at this so-called tire place refused to say they needed to be replaced. The tires were dry rotted and one of them de-treaded 2-weeks later! 10-year old tires that are sitting for years need to be replaced regardless of tread appearance, and any good mechanci should be able to recognize that fact. I keep giving them more chances based on word of mouth, and from what I can tell their work when they know what is wrong is decent, but don't expect them to give you good diagnostics or a good price for the work.

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