Students planning to graduate after this school year from an Arizona high school need to be aware of a change approved a few years back for the Class of 2013.

The Class of 2013 needs one additional math credit and one more science credit than their fellow students who donned caps and gowns two months ago. The State Board of Education adopted the high school graduation requirements in December 2007.

To receive a high school diploma, seniors this year need to have completed four math credits (including geometry, algebra I and algebra II or its equivalent) and three science credits by graduation in order to receive a diploma.

Other requirements include:

• Four credits of English.

• Three credits of social studies.

• One credit of career and technical education or fine arts.

• Seven elective credits.

While the Class of 2012 had to have 20 credits to graduate, the Class of 2013 needs 22, based on the state requirements. Students should check with their schools for additional requirements. College entrance requirements may also differ. Students should keep that in mind as they start their senior years.

In addition, students must receive a passing grade on Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) for reading, math and writing, or show a certain score on the SAT or the ACT, in lieu of passing AIMS. To qualify for this alternative method, students must test on AIMS at every opportunity.

Students who transfer into Arizona may be able to show proof of passing another state’s exam or add bonus points (augmenting their AIMS scores) based on grades in required classes. Details are posted online at

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