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It’s hard to believe that we are getting ready for another school year. Parents want their children to have a positive experience going to school this year. There are several things we can do as parents to make the transition a positive one.

Children can overcome their anxiety in the morning before going to school by reviewing their class schedules. You can provide a visual copy of their classes in their notebook and verbally review what classes they have the next day. Also, You can set a stove timer to let them know how much time they have left before going to school.

You should introduce yourself to all of their teachers and set up a meeting with them to talk about your child’s needs. This is something I do every school year with my child. You should communicate through email, phone, or write in their student planner your concerns and questions. Communication with each other is critical for a successful school year with your child.

School districts are limited this year with resources and we need to look outside to different professional providers for services our children needs. Speech, occupational, and physical therapists provide one-on-one sessions with your child.

Each therapist can provide you with exercises or activities that can be done at home with your child. Children need reinforcement of these services every day in order to improve in speech and coordination.

Teenagers are difficult to manage and we need to provide motivation for them to study and get their homework completed. Thursday nights are review night for homework, test results, and chores they accomplish during the week. Many of the schools have a website to review students’ school grades and assignments. Depending on your child’s efforts during the week with their homework, test and chores will determine if they will be rewarded or not. This gives them responsibility and motivation to get good grades. As parents we need to follow through with consequences. Going out with friends, playing Xbox, using a cell phone and car are privileges and this will give them an incentive to put forth their best efforts in school and home.

Our goal is to work together with the schools to provide a positive experience for our children. I hope you and your child have a great school year.

• Teresa Welsh is a behavior coach with her own company, Kids Reaching New Heights. Reach her at (602) 531-0230 or

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