I have always enjoyed this time of year. Even as a child growing up in Chicago, fall afternoons meant playing baseball with a sweatshirt on or running through piles of fallen leaves, some of which were raked quite neatly and I mischievously found joy in rummaging through those piles as well.

Now, I associate fall with the birth of our daughter, our wedding anniversary, cooler temperatures and peaceful sunny breezy days in Arizona.

I have often thought of November as a month filled with sweet gratitude. I love Thanksgiving and I always have.

There is something about the warmth and blessings of gathering together without any holiday rush or pressure.

So it is with this theme that I write to you today. I know there are many challenges, obstacles and hardships that so many of us encounter. With this awareness of the challenges, I also encourage you and invite you to think about what it might mean to be generous and spacious with yourself this upcoming season.

Perhaps you might ask how you can more greatly nurture yourself. Maybe you can give yourself a break and allow yourself the space to contemplate what gifts, lessons or blessings have come out of this year.

Another thought is to think how you might generate health for yourself so that you enter the new year with even a bit of reserve of energy and I invite you to picture yourself centered and whole rather than depleted.

Maybe you would like to take a class, learn a skill, fine tune your exercise and movement patterns, or perhaps clean-up or refine your nutrition?

Could this up and coming season be a time to re-connect with someone who has touched your heart or uplifted you in the past?

Is there a possibility to create room for some sincere dialogue or discussion? Is there a desire to join a book club, a cooking class, or simply to take time to physically read a book cover to cover?

The underlying theme is that it is easy to be hard on ourselves. Perhaps what is no longer easy and is needed is generosity. Generosity with ourselves and others.

Maybe there is someone who needs your mentoring? Is there a soul out there who can learn from you? What are your greatest gifts and how can you more greatly express them?

You have talents and special offerings. I am confident you do. I often feel that if we look for ways to enhance life, the opportunities will come.

If you are Velcro, what you focus on will eventually stick. I live this principle daily. The boomerang comes around quickly.

So I hope that this season can be a season of wellness and growth for you. What you choose today can create a 2014 imbued with a sense of grace and confidence.

When you start to create a little space to reserve for yourself, a bounty of health and creativity and health is sure to follow.

I do not like the saying “take the time;” I believe we can show up for the time for it is already there. In fact if we can get a little quiet and give to ourselves, so that we can more effectively give to others, we find the place and time is right here.

My very best in health, joy, gratitude and peace this holiday season.

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. Reach him at (480) 704-2787 or www.livinginline.com.

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