Desert Vista High School has always been known for its rich tradition of excellence, and to continue that tradition the student body recently raised an enormous amount of money to be donated to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), which assisted the Phoenix Rotary 100 Club’s Million Meal Project.

The charitable event was held throughout Desert Vista as a friendly competition among classes; where each third-hour class was asked to fill M&M Mini tubes with quarters.

Each tube was filled, equaling up to 14 quarters, and one tube goes towards assisting 63 starving individuals to be fed for a year.

The third-hour competition lasted nearly two months, where Thunder students were able to raise more than $5,000, and a check was presented to FMSC and the Phoenix Rotary 100 Club during Friday’s winter assembly.

The tremendous generosity will aid more that 31,000 starving individuals.

Janine Skinner, development advisor for FMSC, and Jerry Oliver Sr., president of Phoenix Rotary 100 Club, were presented with the check.

“I’m kind of blown away by how dedicated they were on doing that, but on the other hand, this is Desert Vista Thunder and they always excel,” Oliver said. “We knew that when we partnered with them we were in good hands.”

Skinner was not surprised about the tremendous success the third-hour competition had because of the long history FMSC has with the school.

“I know DV students, and they are achievers. These are some of the best students in the state,” Skinner said.

Rachel Clark, student body president, said FMSC has been one of her personal favorite charities to be involved with because her church has done similar types of charity events in the past.

She began pitching the idea to her student council peers, and the idea bloomed throughout the halls of Desert Vista.

“Overall, the whole school did a little bit over 500 tubes... and that feeds 31,500 kids for a year,” Clark said. “I was really proud that we ended up raising that much.”

The efforts of raising the funds were a trio partnership effort between Desert Vista, FMSC and Phoenix Rotary 100 Club, where the Phoenix Rotary 100 Club asked the school for assistance with their Million Meals Project.

“We had Phoenix Rotary Club come in and request it through our principal that we participate in an opportunity to do some fundraising for the community. They felt that we had a chance to raise a lot of money through our big population,” said Miguel Marrero, student council advisor.

Marrero was amazed about the heart of each Thunder student and their openness to embrace a community project that further aids the assistance of helping individuals in third-world countries.

“The fact that we opened our hearts to do such a cause is what I was blown away by, and then to see how much we raised was even more amazing. These kids rally around spirit and competition… they did it with such class and such love,” he said. “Because of our success and our relationship with the Phoenix Rotary Club... we’ll probably be doing this on an annual basis.”

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