A boxing gym may not seem like the place for a clean, family-friendly environment, but that’s exactly why owner Terry Packer said he decided to open Title Boxing Club in Ahwatukee Foothills.

“This particular franchise is very family friendly,” Packer said. “Every location is very focused on cleanliness with guests asked to wipe down their bags after each class and the floors mopped several times a day. The music is clean with no racial slurs. Since we’re not a sparring gym, the type of people coming in aren’t looking to fight. We have a lot of high school kids and we had one person in last week in their 70s just looking to have a great time. We really do appeal to a broader audience than your typical fight gym.”

Packer said when he left the corporate world to start his own business he was really looking for something active that he could share with a broad audience. As a triathlete himself, Packer knew running, cycling and swimming might not appeal to everyone. When he discovered Title it seemed like a good fit.

“I found this and it was a great workout, even for a triathlete like myself,” he said. “It was very balanced, very high energy and I realized it was more mainstream that it would appeal to younger people, older people, and that’s really what got me interested. It was something I could share that was a little unusual, different and edgy, and lots of fun.”

Title Boxing Club on Ray Road has 61 punching bags, which makes it easy for each class to accommodate 60 students without doubling up on bags. Classes are formatted with 15 minutes of active warm up, 30 minutes of 3-minute rounds on the bags with a minute of active rest in between and then 15 minutes of core and abs.

“Interval training helps your body adapt to a high intensity, high capacity workout without having to do that over an extended period of time,” Packer said. “It’s great for increasing heart, lungs and circulatory capacity.”

The gym also has some cardio equipment for guests who want to get in some extra cardio before or after class, and a ring for students who want to practice extra moves with a personal trainer.

Title offers a guarantee for new clients. Those who attend a class three times a week for three months are guaranteed results or their money back. The club is membership-based.

“If you just come in now and then you won’t get the results you want,” Packer said. “That’s what makes this club different. You can achieve results. This is engaging and if you get involved and get active three times a week you’re on your way to success. That’s really what it’s about.”

Title Boxing Club is located at 5037 E. Ray Road. For more information, visit titleboxingclub.com or call (480) 422-3736.

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