For many authors, if asked where they found their passion for writing they would say it has been instilled into them at a young age.

For Ahwatukee resident Nancy Watkins, her desire to write her first children’s novel came to her in a form of a dream.

She explained that a few years back she continued to have multiple dreams about the idea of writing a children’s novel and began manifesting those ideas into print.

She said the dreams kept pushing her to write her first novel.

The end result was her first children’s novel titled, “Quicksilver Traveler.”

It’s the story of the young protagonist Jeep O’Shea, who embarks on different adventures back through time completing a school assignment.

By traveling back in time Jeep and his friends meet historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci and visit eras like the Renaissance Era.

“When they go back in time they’re not visiting the old guy, they’re meeting the kid that is their age,” Watkins said.

She said her fictional novel is for children ages 10 to 13, depending on their reading levels, and she originally wrote the story for young boys.

The story began as a short story, but when Watkins showed her work to people she then decided to expand it into a book.

Being that this is Watkins’ first novel, she is still trying to learn the business on how to spread the word of her work.

The book is currently on sale at

Watkins said because she doesn’t have the funds to spend on advertising and marketing she has been trying to do all the work herself.

While trying to find a publisher and agent, Watkins was receiving calls back about her novel informing her they don’t market her type of book.

“Anything that I want to do, or look and I see what other people have done, I have to do it myself,” she said.

Watkins plans to make further installments of her new novel, but doesn’t know exactly how many books she wants to do.

She does know that she wants to at least make the series a trilogy, depending on how the first book sells.

Watkins explained that the second book will pick up in Kansas, introducing more fictionalized characters into the story.

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