Brad Wong, front right, who is heading to the Cannes Film Festival in May, directs actors on the set of one of his short films last year.


The Cannes Film Festival in France will be getting a taste of the Valley next month.

Brad Wong, who will be graduating from the University of Arizona in May, is headed to the festival touted for its international and independent films.

Featuring his short film “Friend Zone,” Wong was selected among 30 student directors from colleges and universities around the country.

“This is a really great honor,” said Wong, who snagged Best Drama on his campus level last year.

In “Friend Zone,” Wong tells the story of a guy who is thwarted to another dimension, aptly called the friend zone, just before he confesses his love for his high school best friend.

“It takes a thing that everyone has experienced and sort of turns it into a fantastic journey,” Wong said.

There, the main character meets a group of guys in the same predicament, accompanied by a gamekeeper who tells them they must fight to win the heart of their love interests or stay sucked in the game — introducing white-faced and growling zombies.

“It’s really introducing an element of fantasy to something most everyone has experienced,” said Wong, adding that the film is a kind of satire.

Wong’s interest in filmmaking and directing started early on being around TV crews and equipment thanks to his father’s job. After making music videos and other small projects in middle and high school, he knew he was bound for a career in the field.

Currently video editing for a company that hosts paint parties and making music videos for local artists, Wong eventually wants to apply for graduate school and move to Los Angeles.

“This is an industry I really want to have a future in,” Wong said.

Until then, the senior at UofA is enjoying his last semester of school and preparing to head to France.

“It’s cool because it’s a nice capstone to wrap up my undergraduate film career, it’s the perfect topping,” he said.

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