�Outrageous Arizona,� premiering Aug. 16, tells its colorful yarns with re-enactments and illustrations by host Bob Boze Bell. [Bob Boze Bell/True West]

Bob Boze Bell/True West

If you get the impression Arizona can sometimes seem a little wacky to the rest of the nation, take heart, at least, that attention-getting shenanigans are nothing new for the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona’s reputation for characters that capture headlines goes way back, and now a dozen almost-too-bizarre-to-be-true stories will come to light in “Outrageous Arizona,” an hour-long TV special airing at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 16, on Eight, Arizona PBS.

A collaboration between Eight and “True West” magazine, the show’s host is Bob Boze Bell, executive editor of “True West” and a prolific Western history writer and illustrator. State historian Marshall Trimble and historical author Jana Bommersbach also contribute to the tales.

“This unique show is a salute to Arizona’s well-known penchant for attracting outlandish characters, and it premieres appropriately during our state’s centennial year,” said Eight general manager Kelly McCullough in a statement. “You can’t make this stuff up, and we didn’t have to.”

Among the stories are those of a drunken, penniless gambler who wound up on Arizona’s State Seal; America’s only known female stagecoach robber; a feral camel that terrorized Arizonans; a White Mountain Apache grandmother who was sold into slavery in Mexico and escaped; and the sophisticated side of Wyatt Earp’s rough-and-tumble Tombstone.

For information, visit azpbs.org.

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