How many of us get frustrated because we know we have the potential to be our best self, but have trouble showing the world that side of us? For writer Eddie Morra (played by Bradley Cooper, also known as Phil Wenneck from The Hangover), that frustration hung over his head on a daily basis. That is until he ran into an old friend one day that changed his life forever.

Eddie was a writer with a book contract, but who hadn't even come up with a page for his book. His apartment was always a mess, his rent was always late, he just got dumped by his girlfriend, and he could never concentrate long enough to get even a page written of his science-fiction book he was contracted to write. Eddie knew that he was better than this, but couldn't get out of the funk that he had been in for the longest time. A run in with an old friend one day changed all of that after he introduced a new drug for Eddie to try. Since he was basically at his lowest point ever, Eddie thought, "What the heck?" and decided to try the drug.

Almost immediately, Eddie started experiencing all kinds of improvements in himself, from his intelligence to motor skills to the fact that suddenly he cranked out his long procrastinated novel in only four days. Obviously, he wanted to know more about the drug, as well as get more of it. However, as with any drug, there may be the pros, but along came the cons.

Eddie starts attracting lots of attention due to his new found intelligence, and even some standout work he did in regards to stocks. He attracts a big-time business man, Carl Van Loon (played by Robert De Niro, also known as Jack Byrnes from Meet the Parents), who starts out as a fan but ends up as something else towards the end of the movie. Aside from attracting businessmen to him, Eddie also runs in with the people he wishes did not discover him, because eventually they discover his drug. Once they find out that the drug, NZT, unlocks potential that is already deep inside a person's brain, of course they want their share of the drug.

Eddie soon discovers that he has more enemies than he does fans. He also notices that he is being stalked by a man in a tan coat, (played by Tomas Arana, also known as Portman from The Bodyguard). Everywhere Eddie goes; this man always seems to be there already. He is also present and attempts to attack Eddie's girlfriend, Lindy (played by Abbie Cornish, also known as Christie Roberts from A Good Year).

If you like a movie that has a little mystery in it, a few twists, suspense, action, and the feeling that you are on a wild ride along with the movie then check out Limitless. It will make you want to unlock your inner potential.

• Ahwatukee Foothills resident Michelle Arana is a 2003 graduate of Mountain Pointe High School.

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