After working as young staffers for a Senate campaign on Capitol Hill, Jayne Jones and Alicia Long decided to turn their experiences and too-good-not-to-share stories of political life into a new book, called “Capitol Hell.”

“People always told us we were funny,” said Jones, who now teaches at Concordia University in Minnesota.

Jones and Long first met in 2001 when they shared a desk working on former Sen. Norm Coleman’s campaign. After a few years, Jones went back home to Minnesota and Long pursued law school before they began the book in 2008.

The book mingles the authors’ own experiences with fictional ones as the story follows a recent graduate who gets a job as a senator’s scheduler and befriends a legislative aide. The characters navigate their way around Washington, take condescension from co-workers, orders from higher-ups, and find themselves in other antics.

“We’re just bringing some fun and hilarity from Capitol Hill around the country,” Jones added.

Jones and Long will be signing copies of the book, which critics compare to “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Nanny Diaries,” this Saturday in Ahwatukee.

After the book was released on Labor Day last year, Jones and Long started their book tour, which they jokingly call a “campaign tour.”

The two started writing the book in 2008, where they would individually write chapters and pass them back and forth. According to Jones, friends who had read the book mentioned that the two women write in the same tone and it was hard to tell who wrote each chapter.

“I always laugh at the fact that we share the same brain,” said Jones, adding that she and Long became like sisters.

Though this is the first book for both Jones and Long, Jones said a sort of New Year’s resolution is to explore the idea of a sequel.

“Capitol Hell” leaves readers with the idea that the book’s fictional senator will run for president.

“We’ll see what happens,” Jones said.

Jones and Long will sign copies of “Capitol Hell” at the Ahwatukee Barnes and Noble, 4847 E. Ray Road, from 2 to 4 p.m. this Saturday, Jan. 26.

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