With summer fast approaching, it's time to kick it up a notch in the bedroom closet. If roses were red and violets were blue, than tulips and daisies were in there, too.

Break out the powerful purples, vibrant greens and prominent pinks. This summer is filled with hues in every color of the rainbow? The fabrics are sheer, flowing, comfortable and fun to wear. With large handbags and wedges in every style, gearing up for summer will be easy breezy.

From the top, begin with an easy hair style. Natural is in this summer. A little spritzer, some styling mouse or light gel will keep the natural curls or waves in place. Add some sheer lip color in a peach or neutral gloss tone. Accessorize with circular-, teardrop- or triangle-shaped earrings as big as you can find them. Keep the neckline clear so you can focus on the bold colors of your dress. Add some bangles to both wrists, the biggest handbag you own and natural tone wedge shoes. This look is complimentary, flattering and so easy to put together.

Have fun again. Invite over some girlfriends and have a fashion show using your closet. If you stumble across an item you can't fit or don't want anymore, donate it. It's a great way to purge your clothes for the new season and give back.

• ON Fashion lives in Ahwatukee Foothills, is married with two children, has modeled since age 10 and was a runway model for more than 15 years. She owns two businesses, is a seamstress, fashion designer and world traveler. Her fashion column appears twice a month in the AFN. E-mail questions to Onfashion@onfashion.biz.

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