This Feeling:



Turn my head and keep on walkin ain't no sense in girlfriend shoppin' self control is on my conscience on a roll no need to stop it (x2)

1st Verse:

I look at you I hear you talkin' I wave at you but you just keep walkin' How can I make you see You need to be lookin' at me Baby I'm your guy I got to got to got to have you (x2) Turn my head and keep on walkin' ain't no sense in girlfriend shoppin' Self control is on my conscience On a roll no need to stop it What do I think I'm doin' It can't be worth it no


I can't stop this feelin' I don't think I'm dealin' baby These stars that I'm seein Cloudin' my vision My intuition can't make decisions I got to be with you You are the only one that I know can make this feelin' go away away away

2nd Verse:

I know it's wrong That I shouldn't go there But the way she smiles and then flips that long hair (can't help it)


Look at me (not like I need you) But you smell so sweet (I can't resist you) We don't even got to meet (not like we need to) But you make my feet freeze up like hot glue I dont care I dont care I just can't take it I'll go anywhere anywhere as long as we make it together


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