Before eight of Desert Vista High School's advanced photography students graduate later this month, they're displaying their work together in the community one last time in a show at a local coffee shop.

Work from the advanced 5-6 class will be on display for the public at The CoffeeBuzz for most of the month. The school's 3-4 photography class also has a community show going on, that one at T.C. Luigi's Pizza.

Margaret Nelson, a senior in the 5-6 class who plans to study photojournalism at Northern Arizona University next year, described the final show as "exciting but bittersweet."

The class has really gotten to know each other and worked together quite a bit over the past few years, she said.

They've been preparing for this final show for most of the semester, Nelson said. Most students developed themes - Nelson opted for portraits, a change from her usual landscape photography.

"My favorite part about photography is capturing a particular moment that you wouldn't be able to capture with the same precision in drawing or painting," Nelson said.

The 5-6 class' show, "A voice from out the future cries..." runs through May 25 at The CoffeeBuzz, 4804 E. Chandler Blvd.

"F-stop in the name of love," a show put together by the 25 students in Desert Vista's 3-4 class, will be May 20 at T.C. Luigi's, 1334 E. Chandler Blvd.


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