Dear Mikey,

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went and saw the movie, “We’re the Millers.” The movie was hilarious and we had a good time.

During the movie, however, we noticed three little kids sitting in the front row and we could not believe that a parent would let their small children watch that movie.

It was clearly an adult movie with adult language and adult material that no child should have seen. At one point during the movie even, one child was playing and making noises in the front area below the screen, which was distracting the rest of us.

What bothered us the most is that a parent was irresponsible enough to let their small child watch a movie like that.

What is wrong with parents these days? Why do they think that taking a small child to a rated R movie is OK?

— Annoyed Moviegoer

Dear Annoyed Moviegoer,

That is just it — some parents are clearly not thinking these days. Movies that are rated R are rated that way for a reason.

They are not appropriate for children, especially small children to go see whether due to language, violence, or explicit material that children should not be exposed to. After all, why do we have ratings in the first place? It is to caution parents as to which movies may or may not have appropriate material for their children.

Not only is it rude for someone to just let their children play in the front of the theater while the movie is going on, but it is beyond irresponsible for a parent to let their child (in this case three small children) stay through a rated R movie like “We’re the Millers.”

People in today’s society do not realize that the future starts with our children. If children grow up around negativity, vulgar language, criminal activity, abuse, what direction do you think that child will head towards as they get older?

Unless a parent or another adult or mentor intervenes, chances are that child is going to grow up on a negative path and down the wrong road.

If a child grows up around positivity, lots of love, and positive activities such as joining a sports team or a school club or church group, what path do you think they will head towards as they grow up?

That parent should have known better than to let their three small children into “We’re the Millers.” The parent should have looked into what the rating was and realized that the movie would not appropriate for their small children to watch.

What they did was irresponsible, and not a good way to raise their children.

• Ahwatukee Foothills resident Michelle “Mikey” Arana is a 2003 graduate of Mountain Pointe High School. She offers free peer advice, however, Mikey is not licensed or trained, just a fellow friend to the community. All inquiries made to Mikey will remain anonymous unless legal issues occur. She can be reached at

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