Roars filled Horizon Community Learning Center’s gymnasium Friday morning as the school hosted its 10th annual Battle of the Books competition. Battle of the Books is a reading competition open to fourth- through eighth-graders, who compete for bragging rights for the entire year.

Students were given 12 different books just before the winter break — that were outside of their normal school curriculum — to read and master before the Battle of the Books competition.

Each team met every Friday during their lunch period to discuss the reading material and came up with different strategies on how to be crowned champions.

Some teams divided the reading material two students per book, while others decided to have every teammate read all the books.

Eight teams competed during Battle of the Books, and had their classmates cheer them on throughout the two-hour competition.

Each team had a designated speaker, and once the team buzzed in they had five seconds to answer the question.

If teams answered the question incorrectly, a point was deducted from their overall score.

However, teams were allowed to challenge a question they felt was answered correctly, and were given 30 seconds to argue their case.

Diana Gamez, fifth-grader, said she enjoyed competing in Battle of the Books and would plan on competing next year.

“I just like reading and the competitive side is fun. Making new friends was fun, too,” she said.

Burke Wood, seventh-grade, said he enjoyed getting to know his teammates.

“I liked the preparations like making the jackets, making the posters and doing the reading,” he said.

There were seven rounds, which consisted of 10 questions per round, and the team with the lowest score was eliminated each round.

Jessica Davis, seventh-grade teacher, said Battle of the Books was a way for students to interact with one another and be exposed to other books outside the required reading materials.

“They get a wider-range of books, and there is new material open to them,” she said. “They get to play with their education instead of just they have to learn this material.”

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