Mountain Pointe High School's Winter Art Show featured the work of many aspiring artists and included everything from pots with teeth to photography to still-life drawings and paintings.

The 19th annual winter art show was open to students and community members throughout the day on Thursday, Jan. 13.

There were three "Best in Show" awards handed out. Megan Ruzicka won for her photography; Priska Natri won the 2-D award for her drawings; and Mannyy Aguirre won the 3-D award for his sculptures.

Aguirre also won the "Principal Award," which is chosen by MP Principal Bruce Kipper, for his white, sculpted bust that showed a person with a towel covering their head.

"It's showing those days you just want to put a bag over your head and just be nothing and feel nothing and escape," Aguirre said. "I'm so happy because I've always wanted the ‘Principal's Award,' because in my mind, it's first place overall."

Aguirre, 17, also won "Best in Show" for his collection of pots showing a host of emotions.

"It was inspired by the cover of Clockwork Orange and the image of the mouth screaming (on the book cover)," he said. "I felt that it was a strong image."

Natri, 17, is an exchange student from Helsinki, Finland, who submitted six pieces of art for the show. She won for her detailed, still-life drawing, which she did for a class assignment.

"Our teacher put together a bunch of objects around the classroom and just asked us to draw," said Natri, who will return to Finland in June. "I was not expecting to win."

Ruzicka, a junior, won for her collection of photographs, which featured a range of subjects including portraits and landscapes.

"I try to keep my camera with me at all times then if I see something cool I take pictures of it," she said.

Mountain Pointe hosts two art shows each school year.

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