Gilbert-based Lydia

Gilbert-based Lydia is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with two special shows, Dec. 28 and 29, at Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. The group will play its entire album, Illuminate, along with other assorted tracks woven into the show.

Ten years after Lydia’s album Illuminate lit the band’s way to success, the Gilbert act is headlining two nights at Crescent Ballroom.

To celebrate the decade anniversary, Lydia will play the album front to back, with assorted other tracks incorporated into the set.

“We are very lucky to be in a band that anybody in the world cares about at all,” said pianist Matt Keller, whose band performs Friday, Dec. 28, and Saturday, Dec. 29.

“It’s a record that people really, really, really loved and the songs are fun to play. They’re still relevant in people’s lives.”

Although Lydia is celebrating Illuminate, the musicians say the band has evolved and fans need to grow with them.

“It’s so incredible how fans have stuck with us from the get-go, and how they’re still here,” Keller said. “But at the same time, I feel like we wouldn’t have anybody still here if we were just trying to make music for the old fans. We’re not going to pretend to play some other kind of music so that somebody is happy. We won’t be happy.”

Lydia’s newest member, guitarist Shawn Strader, added, “I made a very active decision to not play into how Lydia used to sound.”

Formed in 2003 by front man and guitarist Leighton Antelman, Lydia has gone through band/touring members but has settled on Keller, Strader and Antelman as the core group.

In July, the trio released its 10-song album, Liquor, which features the track “Sunlight” and the first single “Goodside,” an experimental take on its emo-tinged indie folk.

“People expect us to be a certain way because our music is soft, sensitive and real,” Keller said. “At the same time, it’s that way because in real life we’re not the type to express our feelings to people and get all deep. If somebody wants to get deep with us, we’re going to say, ‘Later.’

“It’s the music you make, at least that’s how we all operate.”

The recording of Liquor was trying for Lydia.

“Sometimes you live as a musician or an artist or a writer or just a human and the things you experienced don’t surface until a lot longer,” he said. “This record brought out a lot.”

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