Dear Claudia:

I would like to add some color to my boring house. I tried using accessories but it’s not working. I really would like to paint some of the walls but I am afraid of choosing the wrong colors without knowing in advance how it will look.


It is easy to shy away from color, especially if you have never used it in your home. It can be a scary thought to choose a color for your wall without having professional help.

I would like to recommend you use the Sherwin-Williams website: At the bottom of the page they have tool called “Launch Color Visualizer,” then just click “paint” online and it will take you to the site where you can download a picture of your room and start experimenting. This is a great tool that will allow you to see the space with the color you choose three dimensionally. The website will also let you order a color sample up to 8 inches by 11 inches to help you make your final decision.

Don’t be afraid of color. Color is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your décor and it is very inexpensive. Color can transform the feel of a room, then add accessories that will compliment the look.

Dear Claudia:

I am decorating my son’s bedroom and I am thinking of using a shade of blue and a shade of gray. I have been looking at so many colors that now I am confused. I need to make a choice, but it is difficult. What’s the best way to choose the right shade?


Great choices of color, blue and gray are very popular this season. Do not worry; it is very common to get confused by the many shades available that it’s definitely a challenge.

To make a selection I suggest you start by thinking why you selected those particular colors. For example, was it a bedspread that you liked with these colors, was it a throw pillow, a picture or a magazine? I suggest looking around the room for these colors and then you can try to match them and most likely you will make the right decision.

Just make sure both shades work together. Try samples on the walls and go for it. Remember that it is just paint and it can easily be repainted if needed. Your son will enjoy his new room décor.


Claudia Dabdoub is a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills and owner of D’amore Interior Design Studio. To ask a question for an upcoming column, reach her at (480) 751-9938 or




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