All of us who have seen any movie by Happy Madison Productions know exactly the type of movie it will be. We know that it will have Adam Sandler cracking jokes, as well as characters that are always in his movies as extras, including Jonathan Loughran (Mike from Big Daddy), Peter Dante (Tommy Grayton from Big Daddy), and Allen Covert (Phil D’Amato from Big Daddy).

      In Just Go with It, a plastic surgeon named Danny (played by Adam Sandler) has been dating women for years giving them the impression that he is in an unhealthy marriage, and making potential dates feel sorry for his situation. He wears a wedding ring to make his story seem more legit, and his future dates fall for the whole thing. Danny does this so he can never get hurt ever again after being hurt right before he almost married years before when he found out his almost wife was just settling for him but was more interested in someone else.

The only person that really knows about his wedding ring dating scheme is his assistant Katherine (played by Jennifer Aniston). Although she would try and steer Danny away from his dating practices, she was always the one to support him regardless. So when Katherine learns about Palmer (played by Brooklyn Decker) she acts supportive as usual, until she learns of the fairy tale that Danny made up when Palmer discovered the ring Danny uses in his wedding ring dating schemes.

The one lie Danny told Palmer then leads into a multitude of lies that eventually involves Katherine, her two children, and even Danny’s cousin, Eddie (played by Nick Swardson, who was Kevin from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry). The whole group is in on the lie while the young and beautiful Palmer has no idea that all of the misleading characters involved with Danny and their new life are playing a part, and that includes Katherine’s two children Maggie (played by Bailee Madison, also known as Isabelle Cahill in Brothers) and Michael (played by Griffin Gluck).

Due to the fact that Danny has now involved Katherine and her two children in on the lies, the three of them have their fun getting back at Danny by blackmailing him into buying all of them an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii. There, Danny realizes that the young and stunning Palmer and her “Boy Band” interests may not be a match against how well Katherine really knows him, and how much he and Katherine have in common.

The movie is full of laughs, as well as some surprise guests, such as an old college sorority arch enemy of Katherine’s, Devlin Adams (played by Nicole Kidman). If you are looking for some laughs or some romance comedy for the month of February, some family fun moments, or even if you like Improv, then Just Go with It is the movie to see.


Ahwatukee Foothills resident Michelle “Mikey” Arana is a 2003 graduate of Mountain Pointe High School and loves to go to the movies.

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