The Philadelphia Story

Carey Grant, Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart star in "The Philadelphia Story," which centers around a beautiful socialite's (Hepburn) upcoming marriage and her relationship with her ex-husband (Grant) and the reporter (Stewart) sent to cover the nuptials.

Desert Vista High School's theater department will travel back to the '40s, starting tonight, as it debuts the romantic comedy, "The Philadelphia Story."

The DVHS Thunder Speech Theater and Debate Company is showcasing the production from Sept. 21-23.

Kara Schaffer, senior cast member, said that 12 cast members, two student assistant directors, and one director, make up the show. She said that director Kenny Fajman chose the play as an excellent case study of theater in the 1940s.

"The Philadelphia Story" is not only a compelling look into high society in the ‘40s, but an enchanting love story," Schaffer said, adding that she loved being a part of the show and that the process of preparing for a production is very vigorous, but worthwhile.

Schaffer said that for some cast members, this show is their first experience with acting in a live theatrical production, and that they are very grateful for the opportunity.

"Everyone in the cast is very passionate about theater, which makes the show a very rewarding experience," she said. "It gives those involved a chance to bond with others who share their passion."

Jade Roeder, fellow cast mate and student director, said that "The Philadelphia Story" is a well-known classic that is entertaining for everybody. She also said that the students enjoyed building sets and picking out costumes. Overall, Roeder said it is a meaningful experience for all of the students.

"I think the audience will enjoy, not only the comical script, but the energetic personalities of the actors and the overall aesthetics of the production."

Show times are 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday; and 4 p.m. on Friday at the Desert Vista High Theater, 16440 S. 32nd St. Tickets are $5 at the school box office or bookstore.

Kirsten Hillhouse is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a senior at Arizona State University.

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