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Ahwatukee native Emily Roberts recently became a blogger for TV personality Patti Stanger, who is most famously known for her reality show, “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”


Ahwatukee native Emily Roberts recently was given the opportunity to become a blogger for TV personality Patti Stanger, who is most famously known for her reality show, “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Roberts has always shown a passion when it came to writing, dating back to a creative writing class she took at Mountain Pointe High School.

After graduating, Roberts began studying journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and went on to receive a degree in public relations in 2008.

She pursued a career in the music industry, but found no success in the venture.

Roberts continued to write for different personal blogs during her down time, focusing toward fashion, but was recently given a stroke of luck.

Last October, Roberts noticed Stanger was going to be the keynote speaker at Phoenix Women’s Expo, and decided to attend the convention.

“She opened up the majority of time for questions. There was one girl in front of me who asked a question about blogging, and wanted Patti’s advice on how to get into the blogging industry,” Roberts said. “Patti said they were looking for bloggers and told her to email her and maybe she could blog.”

Not thinking too much about the idea of becoming a blogger, Roberts asked a question about her love life, and Stanger informed her to follow up with her via email.

The following day, Roberts decided to follow up with her and emailed Stanger about the possibility of blogging.

To her surprise she received an email back informing her that Stanger was looking for bloggers to add content to her website, and was asked to send some writing samples.

“I sent them three writing samples. One was this little short story I wrote about the time I met Pauly Shore, the other was a post from my fashion blog and the other was a news article I wrote when I was in journalism school,” Roberts said. “I sent those over, not really knowing what to expect, but then their editor emailed me back within a few days and said they really liked the way I write and wanted to offer me a column to pretty much write about whatever I wanted.”

Being that Roberts sent an article about fashion and there were no bloggers writing about the topic, she was asked to focus toward fashion and dating.

She was told to write three different articles about fashion and dating to see what type of response she would receive from readers, yet still was convinced this opportunity was “too good to be true.”

“Up until I saw it on the website I thought it was all a joke … I was convinced that I was getting pranked the whole time,” she said.

Her first blog entry, “5 things not to wear when you’re about to do it,” received great traction from readers, receiving more than 123 likes on Facebook.

“I like to talk about things that people don’t talk about, and I think that’s kind of what spoke to my first article and why people liked it,” Roberts added. “Hopefully I can keep it going, even if it’s just for free at this point. If not, I’m hoping that I can make it a profitable experience, or even work for Patti down the road.”

To view Roberts’s blog entries, visit www.pattiknows.com.

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