It all started in Ahwatukee Foothills with four boys, an idea and, of course, a garage.

And what began six years ago when the four were in junior high, has now blossomed into the band Anarbor, going out on tour and scoring a record label.

So what could possibly top going from garage band to out on tour? Maybe a Scooby snack?

No, but would you believe that their latest artistic endeavor will be part of the cartoon classic, Scooby Doo, when Cartoon Network premiers the movie on Sunday on their channel?

“It was the first time somebody came to us with the idea,” said band member Greg Garrity.

Anarbor, which consists of Slade Echeverria, Mike Kitlas, Adam Juwig and Garrity, was given the task of rerecording the theme song for the movie, as well as composing a new song for the animated feature movie.

The song “You and I” is available on iTunes and the music video has been playing regularly on Cartoon Network.

The band said they have never done anything like this before because it’s the first time they have written a song for a specific purpose like a show theme.

Aside from the movie-making business, Anarbor is hoping to release an album in spring of 2010. They have been on tour most of the summer and are leaving again this month.

“It’s a lot more work than you would think,” said Slade about being on tour.

Fortunately for the band they have a strong team that has been behind them from the beginning. Even when their music was considered only a hobby their parents gave them the support they needed.

After having tasted success, Anarbor is looking forward to its future. They hope to go on Warped Tour and have high hopes for their 2010 album. The band is taking their success in stride and believes that from here on out only better things can happen.

Anarbor has been practicing in the same place since they first started the band in 2003. That place is Garrity’s garage.

“No noise complaints please,” joked band members, adding, “we have not had one in six years.”

“Personally I want to thank all our neighbors and friends and family who have been so encouraging and supportive,” said Mary Ann Garrity, Greg’s mom.

“Mass quantities of water and snacks have been consumed from our house but we are just so happy they are doing what they love and experiencing success,” she said.

Anarbor plans to play some local shows in November, after they return from their tour with Straylight Run, Lydia, and Camera Can’t Lie.

To learn more about Anarbor visit their Web site, You can also follow them on Twitter or look them up on Facebook and MySpace. Their music is available for purchase on iTunes.


Brandi Bell is interning this semester for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. She is a sophomore at ASU.

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