In economic times like these, there are people out there that can't afford to live without a roommate, especially college students. After seeing this movie, you might think twice about not conducting a background check on that new roommate.

Student Sara Matthews (played by Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights) is anxiously waiting for the moment that her new roommate is supposed to walk in the door to their dorm room. Little does she know that very soon she will wish she never would have met her at all.

Later that first night, after Sara goes to a party and has a little too much to drink, she meets her new roommate, Rebecca (played by Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl). She hardly remembers a thing the next day when she re-meets her once she has sobered up a little. They quickly become great friends and it is obvious that Sara is glad that Rebecca is her new roommate ... or so she thought.

Over the next few days and weeks, they are getting to know each other more, sharing their personal stuff, hanging out together and just overall getting closer. Things are going great until Sara starts noticing a few quirky things about Rebecca. Things like, Rebecca starts questioning Sara when Sara comes home late at night and doesn't call, or when Rebecca starts showing up randomly to places Sara is at, or even when Rebecca gets jealous of the fact that Sara is spending more time with her new boyfriend, Stephen (played by Cam Gigandet, who was also James in Twilight) instead of with her. Sara sort of puts mental notes about Rebecca's behavior in the back of her mind, but never really looks too much into it.

One night, Sara has a falling out with her best friend Tracy (played by Alyson Michalka from Easy A) and tells Rebecca about it. Sara and Tracy eventually make up, but someone starts randomly stalking and threatening Tracy to the point where she moves out of the dorm building she's living in. When she realizes that it is Rebecca, Tracy tries to warn Sara but the message never really gets through. Sara even has a situation happen with a professor (played by Billy Zane from Titanic), and behind her back Rebecca "takes care" of the situation for her.

Sara starts thinking that maybe it might be a good idea to move out of the dorm room to another friend's house, but suddenly that friend cannot be reached after Sara advises Rebecca of her idea. Even Sara's boyfriend thinks that there is something wrong with her roommate.

Rebecca realizes that she is losing her roommate that she is obsessed with, and tries desperately to hang onto Sara by fake attacking herself so that Sara would feel bad for her and come with her to her parent's house for Thanksgiving instead of spending time with her boyfriend. Sara falls for it and heads out to Rebecca's parents' house played by Tomas Arana (Quintus from Gladiator) and Frances Fisher (Ruth from Titanic). While out there, Sara discovers that Rebecca is on medication that she has not been taking, and even Rebecca's dad confronts Rebecca in regards to whether she has been taking her medications or not.

The life threatening drama unfolds shortly after their Thanksgiving trip, to where Sara learns that she has been living with a psycho and needed to get away from Rebecca about four months ago. But will it be too late for Sara to get away from Rebecca in time before anyone close to her gets hurt? Find out by watching this chilling thriller, and I guarantee you that you will never want a roommate ever again.

Ahwatukee Foothills resident Michelle "Mikey" Arana is a 2003 graduate of Mountain Pointe High School.

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