Brillare Hairdressing Academy is waving its magic wand this prom season by providing Valley teens the chance to be princesses for the night with prom dress donations and free pre-prom pampering.

The moments you create on that magical prom night are invaluable; however, the extravagant expenses involved with constructing that special night are far from priceless — wallets whimper as the hunt to find the perfect dress and efforts to have the best hair and makeup add up to a costly amount.

The Valley’s Brillare Hairdressing Academy is doing what it can to silence the financial woes involved with prom and help provide the opportunity to experience that special night to every girl.

Brillare has partnered with the nonprofit organization Fairy Godmother’s Inc. to collect prom dress donations in an effort to help with affordability to teens throughout the Valley.

Brillare’s prom dress collection drive allows girls to have that “Cinderella dress” and they are giving those who donate dresses a $10 service gift certificate.

This is Brillare’s second year coordinating the prom dress collection drive for the Fairy Godmothers Inc., collecting more than 140 dresses last year. They hope to outdo the previous year’s collection and provide dresses to even more girls this year.

Brillare’s Marketing and Creative Manager Chong Kim expresses the academy’s joy in being involved with the drive, “This is just all fun and it’s great to do something for our youth and provide beauty for a young female.”

The hairdressing academy recently hosted a Facebook contest for the chance to win a free pre-prom pampering experience with the accompaniment of their closest girlfriends. The winners have been chosen and will be given that pre-prom pampering every girl deserves.

“It’s awesome to just glamify someone and make them feel like a princess for their special high school day,” Kim said.

For Brillare, the most gratifying feeling about its prom dress collection drive is having the chance to pamper and give beautiful dresses to girls who may not have the opportunity otherwise, while coming together as a community.

“The most rewarding thing is being able to help someone in need of something… It’s wonderful to just be helping out the community… it’s definitely good to come together and do something local,” Kim said.

To get involved with Brillare’s prom dress collection drive, dresses can be dropped off at their two locations: the Phoenix-Chandler campus off of 50th Street and Chandler Boulevard or the North Phoenix Campus located at 12th Street and Bell Road.

Brillare is the only school in Arizona and one of 17 nationwide to be a member of the Sassoon Academy. They hope their efforts to contribute to that perfect prom experience will not only bestow happiness upon Valley teens, but will also give them a glimpse into pursuing a career in cosmetology.

• Danielle Quijada is a freshman at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She is interning this semester for the AFN.

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