Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed

Phoenix resident William David has decided to turn self-published author and novice painter in his retirement. His first novel, “Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed,” addresses contemporary ideas, and its structure reflects the everyday use of technology.

“There are several different themes in the novel,” said David. “The book is primarily a romance, but it also has to do with people, guns, computers and a little medical science-fiction.”

“Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed” focuses on Dr. Arthur Anderson’s implant the Server One, a recent invention that allows the “intellectually disabled” to live normal lives by diverting brain activity around deformed or damaged areas. Although David has some background in the medical field, he does not claim to be a technician by any means, and he says that the unique idea for the Server One just came to him.

“I looked at cognitive disabilities and thought, ‘Why can’t it be done?,’” said David. “I don’t see why it can’t be done if the medical and technical world work together. I hope that someday it will become a reality.”

Set in Phoenix, David exaggerates Arizona’s historic gun attitudes to create a society were carrying guns is not only legal, but also fashionable. David also incorporates the recent rash of cyber-bullying into his novel, turning blogging into a weapon for the characters in his book.

“Anyone who uses the Internet knows that people are making comments all the time,” said David. “Some are intelligent, but lately what’s gotten to the news is Internet bullying.”

This Internet abuse plays a large role in David’s novel; his characters interact via the cyber-world of “Blogosfere” throughout much of the novel, and their web comments both create and destroy reputations. As social network sites like Facebook and Twitter begin to dominate personal interaction more and more, David’s unique use of blogging in “Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed” is perhaps the most intriguing part of the novel.

As the title indicates, David’s book also involves the ultimate redemption of the characters in some way. The beauty of each character, David says, can be found in many different aspects of their lives and is not necessarily physical.

“I hope (readers) see that many different types of individuals have some beautiful qualities if they are allowed to surface,” said David

He wrote a companion book to “Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed,” called “Betti’s Blog.” Betti is a character whose blog entries are included in David’s novel, but when these writings are taken away from the plot of “Gunplay” and read as what David calls “novel poetry,” they take on a different meaning.

“The poetry I’m familiar with is someone writing their thoughts about something,” said David. “Instead of writing my thoughts, I’m writing about what Betti thinks. That’s why I call it novel poetry.”

David is currently writing another book and companion book similar to his first two, and that will feature the same characters from “Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed.” Both of David’s publications are available through e-readers and print copies can be ordered.

Ahwatukee Foothills resident Mitchell Hammer is a senior at Desert Vista High School. He is interning this summer for the Ahwatukee Foothills News.

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