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Desert Vista High School senior Jake Osmun wants to focus on writing quality scripts for short films, and study cinematography or directing in college.

Tommy Kowalski

Since gaining notoriety among his peers by producing music videos for locally known hip-hop artists and rappers, Desert Vista High School senior Jake Osmun hopes to continue down a path that leans more toward film-making after graduation.

With about two short films to date, and another one in the writing stage, Osmun, 17, said his interest in film and video editing started with Xbox a few years ago.

“I like the feeling of starting with nothing and making something out of it,” said Osmun, who started editing play videos for friends on the gaming system.

Initially interested in pursuing a career as a hockey player, that took a turn once Osmun got his hands on a camera and started making music videos for local artists, getting serious about his work a little more than a year ago.

Though he is more known for his work in local hip-hop and rap, Osmun wants to focus on writing quality scripts for short films, and study cinematography or directing in college.

“It would be cool to end up being a director, but I just want to be involved in film,” Osmun said.

After making a lot of connections through the music scene, and getting to know artists, Osmun said his liking for making music videos grew along with filming in general.

“It’s a way for me to tell people how I feel without telling them how I feel, a way to express myself,” he said.

While the senior is thinking about staying in state to attend the University of Arizona, albeit offers from schools in New York and Chicago, he wants to represent his own state and grow in filmmaking here.

“I like for my films to symbolize things, and to comment on the society we live in,” Osmun said.

Until then, Osmun is working on launching his own website, designing T-shirts, photographing and producing video for a friend’s company, Foul Play, and writing his newest short film, “Blood Demands Blood.”

For more information about Osmun’s productions, visit or his YouTube channel,

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