Betty White

Betty White hosts "Off Their Rockers."

Matthias Clamer

PASADENA, Calif. - At age 90, Betty White can't be on TV enough.

The former "Golden Girl" already co-stars in TV Land's "Hot In Cleveland" sitcom and, now, she's hosting a new hidden-camera prank series called "Betty White's Off Their Rockers" (debuting 8 p.m. EDT Wednesday, NBC). The series features senior citizens pulling pranks on the younger generation.

"The angle or the strategy of this show is that it's the seniors pranking the younger people," White told reporters recently, "so that instead of they're the poor ones being taken advantage of. Don't sell them short."

"Rockers," of which White is also executive producer, spotlights such antics as an elderly gentleman complaining of a toothache to a young man -- before pulling out pliers to yank the tooth. The younger man watches in horror, begging the man not to continue.

There are scenes of runaway mobile chairs and a seemingly endless parade of pratfalls. Think of it as "Candid Camera" with wrinkles.

"It's just kind of a reverse psychology of the poor old senior," White said. "It's 'Hey, we've got a sense of humor, too,' warped as it may be."

White does not perform in the gags. She merely introduces them.

"My only function ... is to be sure that it's not mean-spirited," she said of the comedy.

"Things aren't funny if it's mean-spirited. Sometimes I think the comedy gets a little banana-peel comedy. You laugh at somebody slipping on a banana peel instead of an intellectual joke.

"It's not that kind of a show. It's just a silly, fun show."

White's still a little mystified why so many people care about her age and what she is accomplishing now.

"Everybody else is far more excited about the 90 than I am," she deadpanned.

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