We know we should eat better, but let’s face it: When we find ourselves at a fast food drive-thru, we’re probably not going to order a salad — not with all those burgers, fries and shakes on the menu board.

But we might if salad was all that was on the menu.

We’ll get to test the theory Feb. 28, when Salad and Go, a new fast food restaurant, opens at 743 N. Gilbert Road in Gilbert.

A gourmet salad drive-thru, it will offer ten salads using local, natural and organic ingredients. A dozen dressings will be made in-house daily, and everything is made to order.

“It is hard to eat healthy on-the-go,” says owner Roushan Christofellis, a former elementary teacher in the Kyrene School District, in a release. “There are not a lot of options. There are some quick-service restaurants where you can find some healthy options, but they’re more expensive and not very convenient. So we thought: What if you could get something healthy at a drive-thru?”

Salads, which can also be ordered in wrap form, come in one entrée-sized portion for $5.50. Add-ons include all-natural free-range chicken, flank steak, rosemary-garlic prawns or a plant-based chicken substitute.

There’s also a kids menu and organic non-fat frozen yogurt shakes.

The menu lists the calorie, fat, protein, carbs and fiber counts for each item and notes gluten-free selections.

Initially, Salad and Go will have no interior seating. A covered patio will seat 12 and feature a stand-up counter looking in on a large window where diners can watch the kitchen staff at work.

For information, visit SaladAndGo.com.

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