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Indie-folk artist Jay Nash will be performing in the Valley’s very own The Rhythm Room this Wednesday May 22, with fellow performer David Ramirez.

Nash, who has shared the stage with countless credible artists such as Maroon Five and Counting Crows, will hit the road to support his new album, “Letters From the Lost,” which is on store shelves now.

He has been noted for his music having an Americana/Alternative/Folk/Rock sound, and his sound has been compared to artists such as Bruce Springsteen.

With his new album out in stores, Nash said “Letters From the Lost” is a bit of a creative departure of other projects he has done in the past.

He said the recording and song writing took a different road trying to capture harmonic resonance.

“The writing and the recording process was melted together, and there is some alternative-progressive elements that was experimented with,” Nash said. “I write the songs based on my own experiences or perceptions, but with music it can be perceived as something completely different by the listener.”

During the concert Nash said his performance will be a little bit of a retrospective, focusing more on the new record, but playing some of his older tracks his fans know and love.

Being that Nash has previously performed in the Valley, playing solo acoustic, he wanted to change his stage performance to give the audience a new musical experience.

“I’ll be playing more of the electric guitar, more than I have for a couple of years, but for the new fans if they like the records I certainly believe they will enjoy the show,” Nash said. “The songs are inspired by what I perceived to be universal truths, and I think the songs hit stronger with a room full of people who are listening.”

Nash said while performing on stage and seeing his fans sing along to his tracks is something that will never get old to him.

The feeling of connection between music and people all began when Nash would listen to The Grateful Dead.

“Seeing somebody sing along with the songs, whether it’s a brand new or old song, there are a few things that are that satisfying knowing you struck a chord in somebody,” Nash said. “That’s why we make music. My hope is by making music the listener can find some sort of comfort by listening to these different melodies.”

Tickets for the show are still on sale and can be purchased at www.rhythmroom.com.

• Daniel Ochoa is a senior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He is interning this semester for the AFN.

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