With some people, you can just tell they love their job.

Enter Rhonda Morrison, an Ahwatukee Foothills resident who teaches a variety of music to all different ages in her home.

One room is filled with electric pianos, another is set up with guitars and a drum set. Morrison teaches vocal lessons and plays games with her class in her living room. She loves everything about her business, called Ahwatukee Music.

"I love playing and teaching music because it is very interactive," she said.

Morrison has been teaching professionally since 1980. She recently moved to a new home-studio and is offering new classes for the fall, including Ahwatukee Glee Club for girls and Ahwatukee Standing Ovation for boys.

Her style of teaching does not involve negative comments like, "You can't play this instrument," or "You can't sing." Morrison is only there to be positive and help her students get to where they want to be.

"My job is to dig and bring out the best in everyone," she said. "My claim to fame is that everyone is talented."

And what happens when the student doesn't feel that their talent has been realized?

"I've had some adults put me on probation," she said. "I tell them, ‘Take three to six weeks, and don't pay me a dime. Just come in and do your thing and we'll talk later on.' I haven't lost any students because of it."

Morrison started with the accordion at age 3 when she played alongside her mother, a pianist. At age 8, her career in music almost ended before it began because of a negative teacher.

"She made me feel bad about it, that I couldn't do it, so I quit," Morrison said. "I was born a musician and I knew it but I didn't pick it back up until I was 22."

Her style of teaching keeps everyone involved. She feels she is not as rigid of a teacher as some of her colleagues might be.

"God gave us two eyes and two ears, he didn't mean for us to only use our eyes and scold us if we use ears," Morrison said. "We're supposed to use the best of all of it."

To find out more about the classes offered at Ahwatukee Music, visit www.AhwatukeeMusic.com or call (480) 460-0802.

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