Ahwatukee Foothills author Kathe Wunnenberg will be releasing her new book, “Hopelifter: Creative Ways to Spread Hope When Life Hurts,” on Aug. 6, which focuses on helping women through different life difficulties such as divorce, death and other life struggles.

She has also written three other books about grief in the past, where she shares her own grieving experience she has gone through in her life.

Wunnenberg has always had a passion for writing, dating back to her earlier years as a child where she would remember always writing.

She’s done media jobs throughout the Valley, focusing on marketing and advertising, but deep down Wunnenberg knew she had a calling to write.

Through her writing, Wunnenberg’s mission is to spread hope through her life to help other people grieving to feel as if they’re not alone.

Being a woman of words, Wunnenberg said the word that best describes the person she has become is hope lifter, which allows her to be an advocate on spreading joy to women who need assistance on coping with life dilemmas.

During the creation of her new book, Wunnenberg said her heart started pumping to write her new book back in 2005, and she decided she needed some quite time to herself to be with God and her thoughts.

Her alone time gave her the opportunity to know exactly what direction she wanted to go.

While having her alone time, Wunnenberg decided she needed to get other women who were hurting to participate in these retreats.

She would take women to the Living Water Retreat Center for writing retreats, and decided to help those women express their pain and hardships through writing.

During that time she created her organization called “Hopelifters” to help different women who were going through life struggles.

By doing those writer retreats, Wunnenberg was able to have those women’s life stories published in her new book and 45 different contributors were involved with making the book. They shared their own life experiences of pain and grief.

Some of the contributors are not writers, but they have a story to share, Wunnenberg said.

“I had the privilege of having them in here; we are going to do life together and hopefully spread hope to a whole bunch of people,” she said.

Wunnenberg believes people go through what they go through in order to help others through their own life struggles.

“Whether it’s writing, a hurtful experience, or doing life I feel like I need to pass that on and help people,” Wunnenberg said.

Her new book is on spreading hope, and she plans to write more books in the future. For more information, visit www.hopelifters.blogspot.com.

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