When Ahwatukee Foothills resident Alex Hermosillo first healed a 6-month-old baby at his restaurant in San Luis, Mexico, it was life changing, but scary.

"It was an incredible, beautiful experience, but also very frightening," Hermosillo said. "It wasn't who I was, and being raised Catholic I thought, ‘Only Jesus can do this.' I told a couple of people about it and they would make fun of it, so it was put to the side."

Healing the small baby was the first step in Hermosillo's journey to becoming the healer he is today. He says he went through many experiences after that, both wonderful and difficult, that taught him exactly what he needed to become.

Now he is the owner of his own healing center, Mastery of Energy Healing in Tempe. He also travels, lecturing to different groups across the country and, most recently, he has decided to put a very condensed version of his life's story into a book to help others in need of healing.

The book begins with the experience of healing the baby that Hermosillo says awaked the gift of healing inside of him. A year later he went through a near-death experience where he was able to catch a glimpse of heaven and the souls that are there. From there he was met with struggles as he tried to identify where he belonged on earth. The book tells of his drug addiction and his time being homeless. It also describes some of the miracles Hermosillo has witnessed during sessions with clients. Finally, it gives tips on how people can begin to heal themselves. In all, the book is only 125 pages long.

"We knew that many people who would be picking up the book are going to be in despair," Hermosillo said. "They're grieving, they're on medication, or they're in pain. We wanted to keep the book simple and to the point so they can begin to heal and nurture themselves. I went through many experiences that were tough and rough, but I needed to experience those experiences so I could understand people. I've been there and I can help."

Hermosillo said his healing is not religious or non-religious, it is simply about love.

"People come and ask what I'm going to do," Hermosillo said. "I'm sending love. Love takes many forms. Love is all nurturing, all healing. People come here and lay down on the table and I basically lay my hands over them and with my thoughts I say, ‘I send you light, love and healing.' That's information that I'm sending to the individual. I'm sending it to their heart and their minds, and every cell of their body. The body absorbs it and begins to heal."

Hermosillo said he's seen many people come into his healing center and overcome cancer, depression, heart disease and many other ailments in the 40 minutes or so that he spends with them. Seeing how he has been able to help people was the reason he decided to put his experiences in a book.

"Information that's in the book helps people," Hermosillo said. "It tells about my struggles and how I overcame them. Many people on earth go through great struggles. The book tells them that there is hope. One can heal and have a better life and find happiness and joy. Everyone has their own path. If people want to feel better then they should come learn. We can help. For individuals who it might not be their time yet, that's OK too."

Hermosillo will be signing copies of his book and answering questions at the Ahwatukee Barnes and Noble bookstore, 4847 E. Ray Road, tomorrow at 2 p.m. The book can also be found online on Amazon.com or at masterofenergyhealing.com.

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Great article! I am an energy healer also and I lay hands over patients to release blocked electricity through the body's meridians. Curious to know how he healed the 6 month old baby and would like to know what was wrong with the baby?

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