Ahwatukee resident, David Kennedy, recently self published his first novel titled “A Vicious Cycle: Escaping the Beast Within,” an accomplishment Kennedy has always wanted to complete.

Kennedy always had a passion when it came to writing, always wanting to dabble with it, but was unable to find time to do so.

When he suffered a football injury in 2007, and suddenly had a lot of downtime to himself, he began formulating ideas about what he wanted to write about.

Kennedy said the injury was a blessing in disguise because he always wanted to write.

“I just felt that God sat me down with that injury because it gave me a lot of time to just sit down and focus on what I really wanted to do,” he said.

Throughout his novel, Kennedy highlighted different social issues people were faced with such as poverty, racism, teen pregnancy and abuse.

The main character, Devon, was labeled as a gifted child who showed high intelligence but he witnessed his mother being abused by his father.

“One of the main reasons for me to want to write the book is with my upbringing I wanted to embellish my life, so I wanted to send a message not only to my hometown, but people in general,” Kennedy said. “The reason why I came up with that title is because where I grew up; generation after generation seemed to be harvesting secrets and promiscuity.”

Kennedy said the vicious cycle of the social issues was generational and had a domino effect on the proceeding generation.

“When I say escaping the beast within, I take the word ignorance and turn that into a metaphor to try to personify the word. Ignorance is a beast and is within all of us and if you let ignorance take over it can consume your life,” he said. “A Vicious Cycle: Escaping the Beast Within” can be purchased on Amazon on Kindle.

For more information, visit www.amazon.com/Vicious-Cycle-Escaping-Beast-Within-ebook/dp/B00IO5YDXI.

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