Mountain Pointe offers ‘High School Musical’

The cast includes, besides the leads, Nemo Wright, Noah Butler, Jamon Prichett, Will Lovasz, Jack Rupp, Andre Presume, Quinn Rupp, Hannah Colvis, Ruben Ayala, Tyreq Daniels, Ali Stookey, McKenzie Spencer, Ali Adelis, Lexi Artusa-Sirota, Carson Bowlin, Alie Konczak, Jared Adams, Claudia Reynolds, Noahli Antone, Natalie Aikens, Elena Salcido, Cory Drozkowski, Ethan Briant, Leslye Molina, Cassie Presume.

It’s been called a modern “Romeo and Juliet” and a contemporary “Grease” for tweens.

And the other thing you can call “High School Musical” – the spring musical by the Mountain Pointe High School Theatre Company that will be presented this week – was a blockbuster back in the day.

The first installment of what became a trilogy, “High School Musical” was the Disney Channel’s most successful production when it aired in 2006, producing also a chart-topping soundtrack album.

And with a cast of 50 students and a crew of another 40, Mountain Pointe’s production of “High School Musical” promises to be an equally big blockbuster.

“The students have been begging us for years to do this musical,” said Corey Quinn, one of the teacher-mentors for the theater company. “Now that we are up to our necks in it, I see why they love it. It is sickly cute, fun, and adorable.”

The fun is centered about Troy Bolton, played by Eric Mendoza, the star athlete at a small-town high school who falls for nerdy beauty Gabriella Montez, played by Lex Saguid. They both are auditioning for a musical as a jealous Sharpay Evans, played by Jessica Calabrese, conspires to spoil their chances.

The lovers must struggle to make it to auditions while they also try to meet their obligations for the basketball team and the academic decathlon.

With students Myles Thomas and Madison Smith serving as technical codirectors, the Mountain Pointe production includes a set so “large and ambitious” that it got a little “tricky,” Quinn said.

“By the time the show is up and running, we will have worked on this show for eight weeks with students,” he explained. “The process of producing the show goes back all the way to last May, when we starting working on getting the rights. In all there are six teachers helping, one former dance student and dozens of parents. It is a group effort.”

But the most enthusiastic of the group are the students themselves.

“The kids love it so much that it made it easy to get them excited for the show,” Quinn said. “They know every line and part of the show even before we began. Overall, that makes it super-easy.”

Quinn admitted the stage version “is a bit more cheesy and fun than the movie.”

“While they may not notice it, I think that they were able to use their high school experience when developing their characters,” he said of his cast. “Perhaps it is that reliability that makes it easy and fun.”

Performances are 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday, April 12 and 13, and 2 and 6 p.m. Saturday, April 14.  Tickets are $7 for students and $10 for adults and are available at the door.

Other cast members are Cove Chon, Jeffery Maples, Mia Lupercio, Xavion Grantham, Dylan Romero, Xuxa Martinez, Hanna Struckman, Tatum Roeske, Kierra Johnson, Addison Harvey, Janae Jessie, Myles Thomas, Taylor Simmons, Zoe Smith, Kate Fagan, Molly Harrison, Breanna Logan, Kalila Lofton, Savannah Groll, Jazmynmarie Romero, Arin Vaughn, Yasmin Madrigal, Julianna Porter, Ayasha Smith and Michelle Tolentino.

Co-stage managers are Alayjia Marcellin and Jillian McDaniel.

 The crew includes Myles Thomas, Madison Smith, Sam Cool, Tanner McDonald, Montana Harville, Zane Bradbury, Jacob Lemos, Briona Fromelt, Alexis Guituerez, Ellis Caraway, Mikela Romo, Kendall Robinson, Tyrel Daniels, Lexi Powers, Alex Sudis,Jaylah Alston, Rhiannon Malloy, Lexi Rodriguez, Scarlett Montgomery, Savannah Mendez, Zarkeyiah Kuykendall, Bella Alati, Clare Kaluga, Savanna Camp, Gabriella Cugliari, A’Shayla Anderson and Janissa Leiva.

The crew also includes Kaeley Rice, Jaiden Wester-Stiltz, Becca Jacobs, Ky’Jah Greene, Phoenix Evans, Grant Cunningham, Stephanie Niemic and Sky Fergusen.

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