The Black Moods

Fresh off a tour with Joe Perry, Tempe-based The Black Moods return home to play a New Year’s Eve show at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

The Black Moods have been traveling the U.S., putting in their time playing their Top 40 hit “Bella Donna” at radio stations, and performing gigs.

And it’s paying off for the Tempe band, which is playing New Year’s Eve at the Marquee Theatre. “Bella Donna” is in its second week in the Top 40.

“It’s crazy, right?” said singer Josh Kennedy. “I was surprised to see it there the first week.”

On Oct. 31, The Black Moods released the follow-up single “Bad News,” which is about stalking in the days of social media.

“It’s a modern-day stalking song about things like Facebook,” said Kennedy, who’s joined in the band by drummer Chico Diaz and bassist Jordan Hoffman. “People go to places and they check in. You can find anybody and completely stalk them because of their online presence.”

The song was written because The Black Moods’ producer, Grammy-winner Johnny K, was less than thrilled about another song the band penned.

“We played some songs we had been playing live and the fans really liked,” he said. “He said he didn’t like it but we were so attached to the songs, as were the fans. We didn’t want to mess with that.

“We asked him to go back to his hotel room and let us come up with something else that night. We looked at each other and said, ‘Oh (crap).’ We messed around with it. The guys were jamming on a groove and whatnot. Johnny K came in and put his Johnny K on it and we had ‘Bad News.’”

Diaz agrees.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the single. ‘Johnny K’ Karkazis did a beautiful job producing this track.”

The Black Moods received more good news this fall when they were asked to tour with Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and Gary Cherone.

“Somebody pinch me because this does not feel like real life,” Diaz said.

Kennedy hopes The Black Moods have just as much success with “Bad News” as the band had for “Bella Donna.” The most gratifying part of having a hit song is celebrating with his family.

“We’ve had a bunch of people approach us and say, ‘We have this for you. We have that for you,’” he said. “Then it never comes to fruition. The Top 40 is something you can’t argue with. It’s actually for real because it’s in print. It’s amazing. We’re very lucky.”

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