The planned HUB at Mesa's i.d.e.a. Museum
Tasha Leverette

Downtown Mesa’s Arizona Museum for Youth is inching closer to becoming the i.d.e.a. Museum. The re-branding, set to launch to the public on Feb. 7, 2014, will transform the much-loved family venue with creative innovations, including — fundraisers hope — a place called The HUB.

The Arizona Museum for Youth Friends, Inc., a nonprofit tasked with fundraising for the institution, is asking the community to donate to its Kickstarter campaign. It’s trying to raise $12,500 to build The HUB, a hands-on space designed to foster creativity.

The project will only be funded if the entire $12,500 goal is met. If the effort comes up even one dollar short, the museum gets nothing (and donors’ credit cards will not be charged).

“We need you, members of the community, to join us in making a donation in order to make this space a reality,” says AMY Friends board chair and longtime Mesa artist and musician Carmen Guerrero. “Your support will help children and families of all backgrounds and abilities achieve their dreams and aspirations by helping lay a foundation which fosters their creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills.”

The HUB, just one aspect of the new museum brand, will include ten engaging experiences for children and their families, including an Oodles of Doodles station, where drawing on the walls is encouraged, a Recyclery where bins full of re-usable materials can be turned into sculptures and other items, and a place to design and build eyewear.

“Kickstarter is a great way for the community to get involved in helping us provide creative opportunities for everyone. Only 50 percent of public schools in Arizona offer some type of creative, artistic opportunity as part of their standard curriculum. Creativity is listed as the single most important attribute of the future according to an IBM survey of 1,500 CEO’s worldwide. By backing this project, you will help us ensure that the creativity in all of us continues to thrive,” says AMY executive director Sunnee O’Rork.

Donations may be made online anytime through Jan. 26, 2014. To donate, click on the Kickstarter video at

Donors can get an end-of-year tax contribution for 2013 if donations are made by Dec. 31, and donations are tax-deductible.

As a donor — a.k.a. “Backer” — through Kickstarter, you’ll receive free tickets to the new i.d.e.a. Museum exclusive VIP re-brand launch party on Feb. 6, 2014.

For more information concerning the Kickstarter campaign, contact Lindsay Hochhalter at (480) 644-5564.

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