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"The Beautiful Ruins” started off as a little frivolous and fun — a nice break from a serious novel. How wrong could I be.

At some point in the novel I realized this was something special. You’ve all had those moments when you think, “Oh this is going to be good or better than average,” and you look forward to your special time to read or listen to it.

So many distinct voices and so many laugh out loud lines.

It’s the rugged coast of Italy, it’s Hollywood of the golden days....of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and filming of Cleopatra.

It’s an aspiring cast of young people trying to find their way in life, be it authors or musicians...trying to find their life’s companion or heal broken relationships.

The author says in comments at the end that it was a story that was interesting term for one that might normally be interwoven. But braided is perfect because the lives of these main characters are so woven together there is no way to ever separate them and the influence they have had on each other.

“The Beautiful Ruins” would be a wonderful Christmas gift for any loved one. I’m so sure of this that if they are not pleased (no, thrilled) with the book, I’ll take the blame. Send me an email and my apology for leading you astray will be forthcoming.

• Former bookstore owner Vy Armour has been a resident of Ahwautkee Foothills for more than 20 years. She is an adjunct professor in communications at the University of Phoenix and reviews books on her blog,

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